Zombies head back to paradise this fall in Escape Dead Island

Dead Island: Epidemic isn’t Deep Silver’s only trip to the zombie-overrun tropical paradise of Banoi. Coming this fall is Escape Dead Island, a $40 downloadable PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 game with a focus on third-person action and stealth. It’s from Fatshark, a studio known for its work on Bionic Commando Rearmed 2War of the Roses, and Krater.

Escape Dead Island follows Cliff Calo as he heads to Banoi — the site of the resort that kicked off the Dead Island series — after he hears about the horrific zombie-orchestrated massacre that occurred there. Why someone would do such a silly thing remains to be seen, but Cliff’s journey offers new insight into the origins of the virus that caused this rash of undead-ness.

As you can see in the screenshots and accompanying trailer, there are stylistic similarities between Escape Dead Island and the Borderlands games. The third-person perspective play seems to have more in common with something like Dead Rising, however, and the trailer hints at a downright surreal experience.

We’ll know more when Escape Dead Island dashes for freedom this fall.