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How to complete the Resurrect the Rex quest in Dead Island 2

Despite the world literally and figuratively falling apart around you in Dead Island 2, some (or rather most) of the cast of characters you come across don't seem to take the whole "zombie apocalypse" thing all that seriously. One couple you meet early on in your escapades through the undead-filled streets of LA are particularly nonplussed by the undead horde surrounding their house. This old rock star isn't quite as sharp as he used to be, so when he plans to go pick up some old recordings of his band from a friend's house, what else can you do but step in and offer to do it for him? If you're having trouble finding this washed-up star his old tunes, we'll show you where to look.




10 minutes

What You Need

  • Reach Beverly Hills

  • Complete the Kwon With The Wind main mission

Rikki sits in a chair with a bear and no pants.
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How to complete the Resurrect the Rex sidequest

In order to get access to this sidequest, you need to reach the point in the story where you're chasing down Michael and entering Beverly Hills for the first time. During the main mission, you will come across Rikki Rex completely hungover in his home. After helping him out and getting a clue to move the story forward, there isn't anything else to do with him right now.

Only after you finish the Kwon With The Wind mission and are able to go into the next zone will this side mission appear.

Step 1: Return to Rex's house and speak to him. Instead of letting him go and try and get his old records himself, you volunteer to do it for him.

Step 2: The mission marker will take you to his old friend's house, where the three tracks you need to find are. Once you arrive, you will need to scour the house manually to find them.

Step 3: The first record is on the first floor. Enter the house, go through the entryway, and into the kitchen. The record is on the floor next to the counter.

Step 4: The second collectible is on the second "floor" which is more of a curved hallway around the stairs. It is on a shelf that is blocked by some electrified water. While you could tank the damage, grab it, and run back without dying if you have enough health, you can also go around the opposite side of the stairwell and turn off the generator to grab it safely.

Step 5: On the third floor, you will be swarmed by a small horde of zombies. You don't have to take them all out, but the last bit of music you need to grab is outside on the balcony behind them all on a little chair in the corner. Either way, snag it and escape.

Step 6: Return to Rex and pass along the goods to satisfy this old rocker and gain 2,000 XP and the Pole Saw weapon.

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