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How to revive the dead in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Death comes at you fast in Dragon's Dogma 2. While you have the luxury of being able to restart from your last save after death, and pawns can be revived or summoned again, if an NPC bites the dust, then you need to act fast if you want to bring them back. Just like fast travel, however, reviving the dead will cost you a rare and limited resource. This isn't an item you will happen across during normal travel or find on sale in a shop. If you lost an important ally and need to bring them back to life, we'll show you the way.




5 minutes

What You Need

  • Wakestone

An inventory screen in Dragon's Dogma 2.

How to revive the dead

Just about any NPC in Dragon's Dogma 2 is killable, either by you or a random monster attack. Whatever the cause, you need to either bring them back to life on the spot, or find their corpse in the nearest morgue they will eventually be brought to.

Step 1: Preferably before an NPC dies, get a Wakestone. Wakestones must be made by finding three Wakestone shards, which will then automatically form into a full Wakestone.

You can find three shards very easily early in the game by going to the first morgue in Vermund's capital. Loot all the chests in the basement levels and you will find three shards. Later on, you will get a special item as part of the story that you can use to mark Wakestone shards on your map.

Step 2: Approach the dead NPC either where they dropped or in the morgue.

Step 3: Interact with them and use the Wakestone to bring them back to the world of the living.

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