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How to get the Blood Rage weapon in Dead Island 2

It isn't a full-on loot game, but Dead Island 2 does have its fair share of rare and powerful weapons to collect. There are random drops and blunt objects you'll pick up off the ground, but the best of the best are going to be the Legendary weapons. If you're a fan of the more lightweight, fast-attacking weapon types, then the Blood Rage dagger is one you'll certainly want to get your hands on. You won't find this Legendary dagger just laying around, though. Here's how to get the Blood Rage in Dead Island 2.




15 minutes

What You Need

  • Reach the Santa Monica Pier

Looking at a zombie named Dante by a truck.

How to get the Blood Rage dagger

Like all the Legendary weapons in Dead Island 2, the Blood Rage dagger is tied to a specific quest. In this case, you're looking for the "Fools Gold" Lost and Found mission you can get by killing a specific zombie on the Santa Monica Pier.

Step 1: Go inside the Lifeguard HQ and find a Crusher zombie named Dante nearby the truck outside the HQ.

Step 2: Kill Dante and loot the key he drops.

Step 3: Use the key on the locker just inside the building to collect a note about a buried safe. The code to it has been split in two.

Step 4: The first half is in an ally on the far northeast corner of the map by some trash.

Step 5: The second part of the code is all the way at the back of a pier behind the ice cream shop on a wooden bench.

A safe half buried in the sand.

Step 6: With the full code in hand, go to the right side of the Lifeguard HQ down the ally (facing quite a number of zombies) and loot the safe stuck in the sand to claim your Blood Rage dagger.

The Blood Rage comes with Superior Melee Puncturator, meaning it inflicts Bleeding damage and get a big damage boost, as well as the Agile perk for stacking Agility boosts with each kill, Puncture Wound to increase crit damage for each one you do in a short time, and Infectious, which that causes nearby zombies to start bleeding just by hitting one.

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