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Here’s every PC game with Tobii eye-tracking support

'Ori and the Blind Forest' joins the list of PC games that support Tobii eye tracking

tobii eye tracker
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Virtual reality offers a unique way to experience video games, transporting players to different worlds and continuing to blur the line between gaming and reality. The technology isn’t for everyone, however. Traditional displays still deliver fantastic gaming experiences, and with the addition of Tobii’s Eye Tracker, games can feel just as lifelike without the need to wear a bulky headset.

By setting up a Tobii Eye Tracker for use with your PC, you can control certain aspects of your favorite games — and occasionally entire games — with nothing more than your gaze. This can create stronger emotional bonds between you and the in-game characters, streamline clunky control schemes, and breathe new life into older games.

A few features of the Tobii Eye Tracker are common across several supported games. Aiming or controlling the camera with your eyes, often called “Aim at gaze,” is seen on a number of third-person and first-person shooters, as is “Extended View,” which pans out the camera when your eyes hit the edge of the screen. A third feature, “Clean UI,” hides the majority of on-screen information until you stare at a particular piece, such as a health bar or map. Below, we’ve created a table listing all the games that use Tobii technology, as well as the features you can expect to use in them.

Game Aim with eyes “Extended View” “Clean UI” Special Features
7 Days to Die Yes Yes Yes
Agents of Mayhem Yes Yes Yes Dynamic light. Environmental awareness.
Amphora Yes Yes No Affect environment with a glance. Light effects “highlight your focal point.”
Arma 2 No Yes No
Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead No Yes No
Arma 3 No Yes No

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Yes No Enemy targeting, interaction, “dynamic light.”
Assassin’s Creed Rogue No No No Direct movement with eyes, pause by looking away.
Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Yes Yes Yes Character adapts to light based on your gaze.
Battle of Sol Yes Yes Yes
Beatshot Yes No No Not only “aim at gaze,” but “fire at gaze.”
Blind Love No No No Control character with gaze.
Clustertruck No Yes No
Coffin Dodgers Yes Yes Yes
Creativerse No Yes Yes
DayZ No Yes No
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Yes Yes Yes Interact, use abilities, and enter cover at gaze. Open inventory at gaze.
Diluvion No Yes Yes
Distance No Yes No
Dogos Yes No Yes
Dungeons 2 No No No Center at gaze.
Dying Light: The Following — Enhanced Edition Yes Yes Yes Zombies become aware when looking at them. Interact and sprint at gaze.
Elite: Dangerous No Yes No Head posing.
Euro Truck Simulator 2 No Yes No
Event [0] No Yes No
Eye Tracked Paintings No No No “Events” trigger in peripheral vision.
Eyeron Defender Yes No No
F1 2017 No Yes Yes
Farming Simulator 15 No Yes No
Farming Simulator 17 No Yes No
Fast Sight No No No Interact with environment using eyes.
For Honor No Yes No
FortressCraft Evolved No Yes No
Glimpse of Fear Yes No No Interact with environment using eyes.
Grab Your Eyes No No No Mini-game collection. All controlled with eyes.
Gunfleet No Yes Yes
Hitman Yes Yes Yes “Instinct at gaze.”
Iron Front Liberation 1944 No No No
Knee Deep No No No Select objects with eyes. “Big Brother” eyeball tracks your gaze.
Leaving Lyndow No Yes No
Lifeless Planet No Yes No
Master of Orion Yes Yes No Faster gamepad navigation.
Mechrunner Yes No Yes
Megaton Rainfall Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Flight Simulator X Yes No No
Ori and the Blind Forest No Yes Interact with gaze, “dynamic light.”
Pavilion No Yes No Interact with objects using eyes.
Pollen No Yes No Eyes affect environment.
Prepar3d Yes No No
Project Root Yes No No
Reflections No Yes No Interact with objects using eyes. Gaze triggers response from characters. “Dynamic depth of field.”
Rise of the Tomb Raider Yes Yes Yes Head posing. Highlight and throw with gaze.
Salt Yes Yes Yes
Serious Sam 3: BFE Yes Yes Yes Interact with gaze, “dynamic light,” flashlight control.
Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Yes Yes Yes Interact with gaze, “dynamic light,” flashlight control.
Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Yes Yes Yes Interact with gaze, “dynamic light,” flashlight control.
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun Yes No No Interact with UI and characters, center, and place marker with eyes.
Shelter 2 Yes Yes No Cubs respond to eye contact. Direct movement with eyes.
Slime Rancher No Yes Yes
SOMA Yes Yes No “Environmental awareness.” Zoom and affect AI with gaze. Control flashlight with eyes.
Son of Nor Yes No No Transform environment using eyes.
Spectrophobia Yes No No Symbols react to your gaze.
Sublevel Zero Redux No Yes No
Steep No Yes Yes
Take on Helicopters Yes No No
Thea: The Awakening No No No Center at gaze.
The Channeler Yes No No
The Forest No Yes Yes
The Hunter Yes Yes No
The Hunter: Primal No Yes No
The Hunter: Call of the Wild Yes Yes Yes
The Solus Project No No No Interact with environment using eyes. “Dynamic depth of field.” “Sixth sense” ability.
Through the Wood No Yes No
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Yes Yes Yes Open communications wheel with eyes. Pause by looking away.
Tom Clancy’s The Division Yes Yes Yes Use grenades, enter cover, and tag enemies with eyes. Mark spot on map with eyes.
Unturned Yes Yes No
Valley No Yes No
Volcanic Fields 2 Yes No No
Watch Dogs 2 Yes Yes No Enter cover and hack with eyes.

Update: Added several games including Serious Sam 3, Megaton Rainfall, and Ori and the Blind Forest.

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