Evolve is a next-gen co-op shooter from Left 4 Dead dev Turtle Rock Studios

evolve next gen co op shooter left 4 dead dev turtle rock studios cover art

Evolve is a cooperative multiplayer shooter from the team that created Left 4 Dead, and it’s coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One near the end of 2014. The game is a product of Turtle Rock Studios, the same team that created Left 4 Dead for Valve. Evolve was originally set to be released by THQ, but 2K Games nabbed it when the publisher shuttered in 2013. It’s been shrouded in mystery for many years, but the cover story in an upcoming issue of Game Informer promises to bring the first details.

We know right now that Evolve is a sci-fi multiplayer shooter in which a team of four player-controlled alien hunters takes on a monster, also player-controlled, that “grows larger and more powerful” over multiple matches. The four hunters are differentiated by a variety of tools and special abilities, and the monster is built with an eye toward keeping the pursuing foursome challenged. The upcoming GI feature focuses specifically on the game’s 4v1 “hunt mode,” though it’s not clear if that’s the only play option in the game.

That’s about the extent of what’s revealed so far. You can see an a snapshot of the cover art up above, featuring a red-eyed creature that we can only assume is the monster at the heart of the game as well as a first glimpse at the four hunters. Turtle Rock definitely knows its way around a cooperative shooter, and the addition of a player-controller alien beast to oppose the four hunters should lend a competitive layer that L4D only ever flirted with.

Stay tuned for more when we hear it, but PS4/Xbox One early adopters should start saving those dollars now – between this, Destiny, a new Halo, and any number of other, unannounced offerings, fall 2014 is shaping up to be an expensive season.