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Exploding Kittens is now available as an app on Android, too

How to play Exploding Kittens
The game that once alarmed feline fiends everywhere is now ready to reach an even larger audience — on mobile. Exploding Kittens, a card game that somehow managed to become the most-backed game in Kickstarter history, is now available on Android, as well as the Apple App Store. The “award-winning, best-selling, friendship-ruining, table flip card game” created by The Oatmeal founder Matthew Inman, along with Elan Lee and Shane Small, was first made available to Apple users in January. But now, the rest of us can join in on the fun, too.

Updated 4-21-2016 by Lulu ChangExploding Kittens is now available on Android

Effectively a form of Russian Roulette, players draw cards from the delightful deck, trying to avoid the Exploding Kitten card. If this fateful card is selected, the player who drew it “explodes” and is forced out of the game — unless, of course, he or she is in possession of a defuse card that will allow you to place the Exploding Kitten back into the master deck.

But now, you don’t need a physical deck in order to take advantage of all the fun to be had with Exploding Kittens. Rather, for $1.99, you can download the app and play anytime, anywhere. The app allows for “local multiplayer gameplay with two to five players across multiple phones,” but sorry, super fans: You can’t actually play across the Internet. That said, if you and your friends want to connect your iPhones by way of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you can play together to your hearts’ content.

You also have the option of purchasing an NSFW version of the game, and the digital version does have a few additional features that the original card game lacks. So if you’re looking for your next great game night adventure, look no further than the Apple App Store.

Previously updated on 1-23-2016 by Lulu Chang: Exploding Kittens becomes top paid application in the Apple App Store

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