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Facebook Gaming partners with Ubisoft, expands cloud services

Facebook Gaming announced that it is partnering up with Ubisoft to bring certain games to the cloud gaming service. This service will expand to the majority of the mainland of the United States.

Facebook Gaming is a service that allows users to stream games on their Android devices for free using cloud servers. Users can easily access the service using the Facebook Gaming app, which is found on the Android app store. Currently, there are over 25 games that users can stream for free, including Roller Coaster Tycoon Touch, State of Survival, and Lego Legacy Heroes Unboxed.

Facebook Gaming’s new partnership with Ubisoft allows certain Ubisoft games to be played on the service. Games include Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion, Hungry Shark Evolution, and Hungry Dragon.

The service’s expansion will bring it to approximately 98% of the United States. It is expanding out to some parts of Canada and Mexico as well. Facebook Gaming plans to cover all of the United States, Mexico, and Canada by fall.

This cloud service was released as a limited beta last year in October. Since then, it has been slowly adding more games to its collection. Currently, there are no subscription fee plans for this service. There is also no iOS version of this service due to Apple’s rules on storefronts inside of apps on its store.

With the announcement today, Facebook Gaming promises that the service will spread out to almost completely cover the mainland of the United States and some parts of Mexico and Canada. This should come fully in effect by the fall, with plans to roll out the service to Europe by next year.

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