Fallout: New Vegas DLC ‘Old World Blues’ Dated For July 19


You’ve got to hand it to Fallout: New Vegas. The game hit stores late last year carrying an unusually large number of bugs and glitches, everything from minor problem to elaborate game save-ruining failures in which one broken inventory item could close off an entire quest line. Many of us still played it though, and had a blast doing so. Some of us are still playing it, with a little help from two of the four announced DLC packs for the game. The third one is coming soon too, Bethesda Softworks confirms, with a release date set for July 19.

The third pack is called “Old World Blues” and, unlike the previous two, takes the Courier to a large, open environment that can be explored, the Big Empty. The story centers on some kind of science experience in which you become a test subject, and in the process learn how some of the creatures you’ve encountered came to populate the Mojave Wasteland. The level cap will once again be raised and a number of other new features will be introduced.

After “Old World Blues” only one more expansion remains in terms of what’s been announced for Fallout: New Vegas. The final pack, “Lonesome Road,” will circle back around to the New Vegas storyline, with the Courier being contacted by the person who was originally tasked with delivering the Platinum Chip.