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Amazon rolls out New World combat trailer; closed beta to launch in July

Amazon Game Studios has rolled out a combat trailer for New World, the upcoming MMORPG that’s set to launch in closed beta in July before its planned August release.

The combat trailer, which was featured in the PC Gaming Show, showcased some of the weapons, skills, and spells that New World players will be able to wield, as well as some of the opponents that they may face — from fellow humans to gruesome monsters.

New World: Combat Unleashed

The massive floating skull with lasers shooting from its eyes that appears at the end of the trailer looks like a formidable opponent, to say the least, and would likely make for a fun boss fight.

Closed beta

Along with the release of the combat trailer, Amazon Game Studios also announced that the New World closed beta will launch on July 23 and be accessible to players who have pre-ordered the game and those who are already part of the closed alpha test. Sign-ups will also be opened for those who have not pre-ordered, with participants from this group randomly selected.

Amazon Game Studios said that there are “many improvements and changes” between the game’s closed alpha and closed beta. Digital Trends has reached out for more information on these changes, and we will update this article as soon as we hear back.

The New World closed beta currently has no end date, but it will close before the MMO’s planned launch date on August 25.

“The big thing we want to see is how the game holds up at scale,” David Verfaillie, New World’s head of player experience, told VentureBeat. “We want to know how the servers hold up, how lag-free the play will be, and if the frame rate is good. We’re going to get a lot of information about how it plays.”

New World will follow Crucible, a team-based multiplayer shooter that launched in May as Amazon’s first video game.

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