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Clobber Innocence with this FFXIV: Shadowbringers Crown of the Immaculate guide

It’s been a long time coming. The final showdown against Lord Vauthry. Or, as he has called himself, Innocence. Like Titana, this is a multi-phase fight. No great battle is complete without a fancy transformation sequence, after all. If you’re hoping to carry on the new storyline, this FFXIV: Shadowbringers Crown of the Immaculate Normal Mode guide will teach you the strategy and tactics needed to endure the brawl against the final Sin Eater.

Phase One

Innocence will introduce Realmrazer, its raid-wide AoE, before summoning a bunch of adds to its side. Each of these can cast Scold’s Bridle to chip down party HP further. Healers should prep for any which might slip through if DPS is a tad slow. Daybreak then targets each DPS with large circular AoEs. These should naturally clump together after the add pack placement and shouldn’t cause much trouble.

After a fit of anger, four drop points will spawn around the arena. Have someone stand in each of these as they fall and be sure to turn away from Innocence to avoid the confusing gaze of Enthrall. If someone is caught out, heal through whoever they end up attacking.

Then it’s time for another Heavenly Host add pack. A Forgiven Venery joins in here with Holy Sword, a minor tank buster. They also gain Vauthry’s Blessing, presumably buffing their attack power. Just burn them down as usual, and watch for bursts of incoming damage and AoE spots. After another Realmrazer and at about 20% HP, Innocence will then begin blasting the party periodically as it shifts into phase two at around 10%.

Phase Two

Now the version of Innocence we were introduced to in the previews, Vauthry has embraced the Sin Eater within and transformed into the god he sees within himself.

After a few auto-attacks, Innocence casts its tank buster, Righteous Bolt. Winged Reprobation will target each DPS, sending blades across the arena twice over, while the second cast of the skill will require players to rotate around the arena to avoid the curved shower of spears.

Teleporting to the center of the arena, Rightful Reprobation is next. It’s a fast linear strike across each main and sub cardinal direction which linger after firing and come back the same was following the next Righteous Bolt. Shadowreaver follows for raid-wide damage.

To close out phase three, a DPS race in order. Innocence blips back to the outer edge and summons Immaculate Authority in the center with four Forgiven Shame adds around the edge. Rather than splitting off to kill them as Authority’s meter builds up, you want to focus on whichever is tethered to it. If you don’t kill a tethered mob in time, expect a massive burst of raid-wide damage that can quickly end the team. With those down, turn your attention to Immaculate Authority and end it before it has a chance to max out its meter. Healers will need to prep for another large hit for the phase three transition.

Phase Three

Now absolutely insane, Innocence will rattle off large AoEs like it’s nobody’s business. Stay on your toes and get in line for Light Pillar.

Now both versions of Winged Reprobation will come out, requiring you to run around the arena while dodging flying spears. Tanks and healers will have another Righteous Bolt to deal with here, so players will need to keep some distance from the rotating tank. Move to the far east/west to limit the hit of Beatific Vision and heal up.

From there, you’ve more or less seen it all. Just keep moving and take each skill combo as it comes. Burst until victory and be ready for the story to reach fever pitch.

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