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Kill a big pixie in this FFXIV: Shadowbringers Titania Normal Mode guide

Imprisoned in the glamorous castle high atop Il Mheg, Titania, the land’s ruler and mighty king, lays waiting to play. Accessed through the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers main scenario at around level 73, this whimsical sorcerer is the first trial of the expansion and a real test of your skills.

Titania is a long fight with lots to learn. But it’s as beautiful as the grand being itself. Just like you’ll have learned from the rest of Il Mheg’s fae folk, it wants nothing more than a bit of entertainment. Only that usually results in death. Good thing you’re there to kill it as your second Lightwarden, though. The feeling is mutual!

In this FFXIV: Shadowbringers Titania normal mode guide, we’ll be explaining the fight as quickly and efficiently as we can, so you can do less reading and more killing. Crank that music up, too!

Phase One

As is the case with most boss battles, Titania shows you its raid-wide AOEs first — Bright Sabbath. Phantom Rune comes after. This is an AOE either around or away from the boss, so position accordingly. She’ll follow this with Divination Rune, a conal tank buster that will utterly annihilate anyone other than a tank caught within. Healers be ready.

Titania will then summon four puddles. You’ll want to have someone in each when the timer counts down. Stay inside one of these puddles to mitigate the damage of the Flame Rune stack marker coming up next. One more Phantom Rune and you’ll go into phase two. Fun!

Phase Two

Out of that cramped old castle and spirited away into the forest, Titania will attempt to separate the team by cutting off the arena with vines from Growth Rune. Melee stay close. Now here come the AOEs, healers!

Phantom Rune kicks things off, with Bright Sabbath plotting to finish off those caught by the last attack. Frost Rune is a copy of a Shiva attack, so you’ll want to move into the last marked area and back into the center as the first mark resolves. Target markers come out at the same time. Those afflicted will need to spread out to whatever safe spots remain. With another Phantom Rune, we’re into phase 3.

Phase Three

Titania summons three large adds each with their own gimmicks. A tank will want to face Mustard Seed to a wall to limit the reach of its AOEs. Peaseblossom will hit like a truck on the other tank, whereas Puck won’t do much more than a linear strike — enough for a DPS to take on if needed. The tank taking on two will need some serious heals. With these dead, Titania will summon them back bigger than ever on the outsides of the arena.

At this point, you’re on the clock. Fail to kill them before Titania’s power meter fills up and it’s an instant wipe. Like before, each monster brings an attack to the table, so prepare for a barrage of markers and annoyances as you go. Get a melee player to limit break one if you’re close to the clock. Manage this, and Titania will slip back into the Phase One rotation until death.

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