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Detroit: Become Human endings guide

Developer Quantic Dream is in the business of interactive storytelling, and Detroit: Become Human is no different. Although you’ll do everything from investigate to clean dirty dishes in the game, most of what you’ll do is make decisions. In true Quantic Dream fashion, each decision you make will have a ripple throughout the world of the game, not only determining the course of the narrative you experience, but also how that story ends. Here, we’re going to explain everything you need to know about endings in Detroit: Become Human. 

The problem is that it’s not clear just how many endings are in Detroit: Become Human. Following the flow chart in the game, there are 85 endings, though there’s a lot of overlap between them. The number is likely closer to 40. That doesn’t, however, include some ending combinations that can pop up after the credits roll or permutations in endings. For example, you might get the same ending, just with slightly different circumstances.

Because there are so many endings and ending combinations, it’s impossible to gather them all (not to mention the fact that major characters can die at multiple points in the story, and in a variety of different ways). We recommend playing through Detroit: Become Human at least once before using our guide. Not only will you get to experience the game in the best way, but you’ll also understand what events we’re referring to throughout this guide.

Spoiler warning: Although it should probably go without saying (since this is an endings guide), you should avoid reading further until you have completed the game at least once to avoid spoiling major plot details.


detroit become human ending guide markus
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Markus’ survival: As a main character, there are several points in the narrative of Detroit: Become Human when Markus can be killed. They are: During the Freedom March chapter, if you choose to sacrifice yourself or attack the police; During the Crossroads chapter, if you fail too much while fighting soldiers or Connor; and during the Battle for Detroit chapter, if you fail too much while fighting, or if you lose a fight to Connor (or choose to play as Connor) if he remains a machine.

What Jericho thinks of Markus: Once you make it to Jericho, you’ll be tasked with helping out the leaders. Your standing with Jericho is based on how successful you are on those missions. Gathering parts for the Jericho survivors, bringing in new recruits or turning away potentially dangerous people, and using either peaceful methods or violent ones will affect Markus’ standing with Jericho and the options you get for the ending.

Public Opinion: The public pays attention to how androids conduct themselves, and a positive or negative public opinion will affect how the government responds to androids throughout the game, as well as some options that are available. You can raise public opinion by choosing non-violent, non-destructive methods of protest, and by sparing human lives; violence and destruction lowers public opinion.

North, Simon and Josh: The three leaders of Jericho all have different ideas about how androids should fight for freedom — or not fight. Agreeing with each of their methods will raise that person’s opinion of Markus, while lowering the opinions of the others. Successfully reaching Jericho’s goals and saving android lives will also affect their opinions, and if their opinions of Markus are high enough, you can open new story paths regarding the three of them.

Take North’s dirty bomb: Under the right circumstances, North will tell Markus about a dirty bomb in Detroit during the Crossroads chapter. Taking the switch from her gives you the option to use it to force the authorities to spare the androids during the protest in Battle for Detroit.


detroit become human ending guide connor
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Connor’s survival: As a Cyberlife android, Connor can die repeatedly during the story of Detroit, only to be replaced by another version of Connor with the original’s memories downloaded. If you choose for Connor to become a deviant during the Crossroads chapter, though, dying after that will mean Connor’s death is permanent — he’ll be replaced by a copy of Connor that is a machine, and therefore an antagonist to Markus. Deviant Connor can die while helping Markus and North escape in Crossroads, or while arming the bomb in Crossroads, if you fail the quick-time events. He can also die as a deviant during the Battle for Detroit in the Cyberlife Tower if you go to the 31st floor, if you fail quick-time events fighting soldiers, if you lose the fight to New Connor, or if you fail to convince Hank not to shoot you.

If Connor stays a machine, he can die for good during the Battle for Detroit if Markus defeats him.

Completing investigations: Most of Connor’s story is about investigating deviants. How Connor interacts with the deviants he interrogates, what evidence he uncovers, and whether he can solve the cases affects where his story will take him and how he’ll react to events. Empathy toward androids will take him mostly down one path, while acting more like a machine will take him down another.

Interactions with Hank and Amanda: Interactions with Connor’s partner on the deviant android case, Hank, are also a major factor in where his story goes. Connor can develop a friendship with Hank, or keep him at arm’s length, throughout the case. The relationship with Hank affects what possible story branches are available at various times in the story. The same is true with Connor’s interactions with Amanda, his boss at Cyberlife. You’ll also unlock new branches by fully investigating Hank’s desk in the Waiting for Hank chapter and his house in the Russian Roulette chapter.

Hank can also be killed at several points, depending on Connor’s actions. Hank can die if Connor leaves him to commit suicide in Russian Roulette, if their relationship is poor in The Bridge, if Connor kills him in the Battle for Detroit if he stays a machine, and if New Connor kills him in the Battle for Detroit if Connor chooses to sacrifice him.

Going deviant or staying machine: Toward the end of the game in the Crossroads chapter, Connor will eventually directly confront Markus as part of his investigation. How Connor deals with Markus, and whether he joins the androids or continues to fight them, opens up different paths and vastly different endings.


detroit become human ending guide kara
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Kara’s survival: Kara is in danger pretty much all the time. She can be killed in the Stormy Night chapter if she fails to stop Todd; in the On the Run chapter if you fail while crossing the highway; in the Zlatko chapter if Zlatko catches you and you fail the quick-time events; in the Crossroads chapter if you choose “Run” while escaping from the soldiers at the end of the chapter (“Play Dead” or “Surrender” result in Kara and Alice surviving); if you fail during the Battle for Detroit chapter when sneaking away from guards, either outside or inside the camp; and if you choose to give up after crossing the river in Battle for Detroit.

What Alice thinks of Kara: Alice’s relationship to Kara affects how their story unfolds. Alice is highly empathetic and prefers for Kara to do the right thing, but that can affect Kara and Alice’s safety along the way.

Conflict: At several points along the way, you’ll come into conflict with other characters. Whether you choose to fight or flee, and whether you choose to be trusting or hostile to other characters, will tally toward the ending your receive.

Luther: In the Zlatko chapter, the android Luther will offer to join Kara and Alice. Whether you choose to trust him will affect the story going forward, and the eventual ending. He’ll accompany you if you let him, and he offers to sacrifice himself to protect Alice at a number of points. Luther can die in the Crossroads chapter if you choose to leave him, and can be asked to sacrifice himself to save Kara and Alice during the Battle for Detroit while at the border crossing, on the river boat, and in the recycling center android camp.

Protecting Alice and staying alive: A lot of Kara’s conflicts are about staying alive and keeping Alice out of trouble. Choosing how to protect Alice and how to save Kara is key to the ending you’ll unlock.

Revolution endings

detroit become human ending guide markus revolution
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Markus: Several possible endings open up if you choose for Markus to go forward with a violent revolution. They change depending on which characters you have alive and what relationships Markus has made with the other characters.

The endings change based on your ability to fight through the battle in Detroit. How good you are at commanding troops and also at finishing quick-time events will determine whether Markus and the androids are successful in defeating the soldiers and taking down the camp, and who dies along the way — although it seems that Simon and Josh are killed no matter what, and only North can be saved.

Connor: The major pivot point for the revolution endings is whether Connor decides to become a deviant or not. If he does, Markus can choose to let Connor join the Jericho cause and help out, or kill him. If Connor joins Jericho, he’ll go to Cyberlife to recruit more androids to join the ranks. Succeed at Cyberlife and Connor rejoins Markus, but Cyberlife will try to hack him and force him to kill Markus. If you escape the Zen Garden program, nothing happens; fail to do so and Connor assassinates Markus on the stage.

If Connor stays a machine, Connor can try to take down Markus, and whether he’s successful brings about either a human victory for the revolution, or an android victory. You also get the chance to pick whether you want to control Connor or Markus in the final battle, so which character wins is tied to your performance in the fight.

detroit become human ending guide markus kills connor
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Connor’s relationship with Hank will also affect the endings, because Hank will show up during the Battle for Detroit chapter. Hank and Connor can fight, depending on their relationship, and Connor can kill Hank or vice versa. If Hank and Connor are friends, Hank survives, Connor joins the androids, and Markus survives, the pair will meet back up in a mid-credits scene reaffirming their relationship.

If Connor stays a machine and successfully defeats Markus, you’ll see a mid-credits scene in which Amanda introduces Connor to a new model that will replace him and render him obsolete. What a reward for putting down a revolution.

Protest endings

detroit become human ending guide protest
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Markus: Choosing to protest rather than fight has its own slate of endings, although several are similar to what’s available if you choose revolution. The main difference is that more characters can survive the final confrontation.

Before the police raid, you can choose to take a deal with the FBI or turn it down, which affects the ending. Taking the deal results in some characters dying.

If Public Opinion for the androids is high enough and you successfully survive the police raid, you can get the police to stand down. If your relationship with North is at Lover level, you can kiss her in front of the police, and they’ll lower their weapons.

You can also threaten to trigger the dirty bomb during the final standoff if you got the detonator from North.

detroit become human ending guide connor amanda post credits
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Connor: The options are pretty much the same for Connor in the protest endings, depending on whether you choose for Connor to become a deviant or not, and what his relationship is like with Hank (or if Hank is still alive).

If Connor joins Markus, he’ll go to Cyberlife to recruit more androids during the Battle for Detroit, and encounter a copy of Connor holding Hank hostage. Connor can then save Hank or sacrifice him, or die in the encounter. Survive, and Connor will rejoin Markus, but Cyberlife will hijack his programming to try to force him to assassinate Markus. If you escape the program using the pedestal, nothing happens; if you don’t Connor will lose control and shoot Markus in the back.

If Connor remains a machine, Hank will confront him as he tries to assassinate Markus. After that, Connor will go after Markus, giving you a chance to play either of them, and changing the ending depending on who wins the fight.

Kara’s endings

detroit become human ending guide kara crosses river
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While Kara’s story intersects with Connor’s and Markus’ before the end, she’s mostly alone with Alice. Her endings are separate from theirs, and concern her relationship with Alice, her relationship with Luther, and whether she survives various run-ins with the authorities.

Kara dies: In order to get Kara to the ending, you have to survive the Crossroads chapter. The end of the chapter sees Kara running from soldiers with Alice. The best way to survive the moment is to choose to Play Dead, and then remain motionless until the soldiers leave. If you try to run, Kara and Alice can be killed here, ending their story.

detroit become human ending guide kara bus station
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Kara makes it to the border: If Kara survives Crossroads and you saved Luther while you were there, you’ll find him in the Battle for Detroit chapter. You’ll find him on the street while sneaking past soldiers, or after you escape the android camp. When you find him on the street, you can then try to rescue him, or leave him to his fate.

After that, continue to the checkpoint. Go through calmly to get to the bus station. When you find the family’s ticket, use it to get on the bus.

You’ll get to the border station next. Check around the room to see all your options; which one you choose will affect your ending, based on which characters survive.

detroit become human ending guide kara alice on the river
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Kara makes it to the river: At the bus station, return the ticket to the family after it falls, then look for Adam, whom you met on the farm earlier. He and his mom, Rose, will take you to the river to cross the border by boat.

At the border while on the boat, your choices will determine what happens. If you choose to accelerate under fire, Luther will die and Alice will be wounded. If you dump all cargo and make Kara push the boat, you’ll make it to the far side, but Alice will die. Then you can choose for Kara to go on living, or give up.

detroit become human ending guide kara alice in landfill
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Kara in the android camp: If you surrender during the Crossroads chapter, Kara, Alice, and Luther (if he’s alive) will wind up in Camp No. 5. You’ll then have to work to escape the camp. Much like the border patrol station, you’ll see options based on the characters Kara has befriended up to now. You can use one of the options to escape the camp with Alice, and if you have him, Luther. Kara and Alice (and Luther) will be reunited in a landfill outside of Detroit if you’re successful.

Getting the happiest ending: Everyone lives

detroit become human ending guide connor and hank are friends post-credits
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Here are the major decision points and factors that matter to the ending for each character.


Helping out Jericho: You need to gain the trust of Jericho’s leaders to make it through Markus’ story and get a happy ending. The first time this really matters is in the Spare Parts chapter. Make empathetic choices, while also trying to get as many parts as possible. You’ll also need to avoid detection, as any loss of life can hurt Public Opinion.

The key choices are to grab the android dock worker when he finds you, then hide with him and stay out of sight when his human companion comes by. Search all the crates, including the big crate full of androids, and opt to bring them all with you. When the android dock worker suggests you steal a truck, head to the control booth and use the barrels outside to distract the two guards, then slip in through a window and steal the truck key. Slip back out through the bathroom when they return.

Public Opinion: Raising public opinion is key to helping androids win the day without resorting to all-out revolution. Whenever you have the option, choose nonviolent protest over violence and retaliation. The key moments are in the TV station chapter The Stratford Tower (end on a peaceful note, rather than a combative one); the Capital Plaza chapter (choose vandalism over destruction; spare Chris the cop’s life); the Freedom March chapter (raise hands when confronted, disperse when the cops order it); and the Battle for Detroit chapter (choose non-violent demonstration all the way through).

Getting Public Opinion up to “supportive” is part of the requirement for a happy ending.

detroit become human ending guide markus north love
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Raise North’s relationship level: North will respond positively to you when you’re successful in saving lives and helping Jericho, and even if you choose non-violence against her advice, you can still pretty easily raise her relationship status with you to become her lover. You’ll need that for later.

In the Freedom March chapter, choose Sincere or Truth dialogue options when talking about your past, and generally be nice to North when she talks about her past. You should get her to confide in you. When you have the chance, choose to kiss her.

Take the dirty bomb switch: When North offers you the detonator in Crossroads, take it from her. Just don’t ever use it.

Save lives: At several points throughout Markus’ story, you and your team will go up against the government. Avoid bloodshed where possible, specifically in the TV station in The Stratford Tower, and make sure to save the lives of your Jericho teammates whenever possible.

In The Stratford Tower, use a ruse to deal with the guards quickly. If you’re good at QTEs, you can prevent Simon from being shot. If he is injured, choose not to destroy him. Later, when playing as Connor, you’ll need to keep your investigation away from the roof by interrogating the androids in the kitchen instead.

In the Crossroads chapter, you’ll run across several Jericho androids who are in danger as you move through the freighter. Save them all. You’ll need to be good with QTEs to pull it off, but it’s all very doable. Saving Josh in particular will raise his affinity for you. Most important is North: When she goes down, go back for her to save her life. Again, you’ll have to be pretty good at QTEs to be successful.

(Also in the Crossroads chapter, as Connor, you’ll need to choose to go Deviant — more on that later.)

During the Night of the Soul chapter, you’ll need to forgive Connor and allow him to join the team. Then choose the non-violent protest approach.

detroit become human ending guide successful protest
Image used with permission by copyright holder

In the Battle of Detroit, maintain a non-violent approach. Raise your hands when prompted and you’ll be able to get the soldiers to refrain from shooting unarmed protesters. During the barricade portion, check in with everyone from Jericho, fix up the barricade, and signal the journalists with your non-violent intentions. When Perkins offers you a deal, turn it down.

The last portion of the Battle for Detroit chapter will require you to pull a bunch more QTEs to save people’s lives. If you do, you’ll finally be surrounded by soldiers. With your final act, choose to kiss North. The president will tell the soldiers to stand down after your act of humanity, and androids will get their freedom.


detroit become human ending guide befriend hank
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Befriend Hank: The key to Connor’s storyline is his friendship with Hank, and your choices with him have a great impact on the events of the game and the endings you can reach. If you want the happiest ending, you’ll need to make friends with Hank, which will push Connor toward deviancy. In general, to befriend Hank, don’t take too much crap from him, choose options that are empathetic and hopeful, and choose to save him when he’s in danger.

Here are the key moments for befriending Hank: In the Partners chapter, successfully complete the investigation and find the deviant to unlock the chapter The Interrogation. In that chapter, stop the cops from killing the android by treating it with empathy. During Waiting for Hank…, fully investigate Hank’s desk to learn all you can about him. In Russian Roulette, do the same thing after finding and saving Hank while he’s drunk; you’ll specifically want to find the picture of his son on the kitchen table. During The Nest, save Hank’s life when the deviant Rupert pushes him off the roof, and then choose not to kill the two deviant androids at the end of the Eden Club chapter, and don’t kill the Chloe android when you visit Kamski’s house.

Pick empathy: Whenever possible, try to save lives, both human and android. Pick conflicted and empathetic dialogue options when talking to other characters like Hank and Amanda. That will raise your Software Instability level.

In the Crossroads chapter, choose deviancy when you confront Markus, and help the androids escape the attack.

During Night of the Soul, as Markus, choose to trust Connor. That’ll send him to the Cyberlife facility during the Battle for Detroit.

detroit become human ending guide cyberlife new connor threatening hank
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Save Hank: At Cyberlife during the Battle for Detroit, win the QTEs so you’re not killed along the way. When you go to convert the androids there, you’ll be confronted by New Connor holding Hank as hostage. Choose options to save Hank’s life, then fight Connor. When Hank has to make the decision about who to shoot, remember that his dog’s name is Sumo, and talk to him about his son Cole.

detroit become human ending guide connor amanda program
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Break the programming: As Markus gives his speech at the end of the Battle for Detroit, Amanda and Cyberlife will try to hijack Connor and turn him into an assassin. Inside the frozen garden, look for the small pedestal under the archway with a hand on it. Walk to the pedestal and use it to escape the program and stop Cyberlife’s plan, saving Markus.


detroit become human ending guide kara alice family
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Stay right with Alice: After you save Alice from her father, you’ll go on the run in the Fugitives chapter. When you have the chance to steal, Alice will implore you not to, so avoid it whenever possible. In later chapters, when Alice tells you she thinks something is wrong or she doesn’t want you to do something, side with her, and choose empathetic options over violent ones.

Go with Luther: In the Zlatko chapter, after you escape, Luther will offer to come with you. Choose to trust him. You’ll pretty much never want to listen to his suggestions after that, though, as they’re almost always wrong.

Avoid conflict: In the Pirate Cove chapter, when the Shadows approach, choose to protect Alice. Reason with the shadows rather than attack them to befriend the Jerrys. This also goes for other moments when you encounter deviants — choose to try to talk your way out of situations rather than fight, and be understanding and empathetic.

Choose to stay with Alice: In the Crossroads chapter, when Luther tells you about Alice, choose to hug her.

Save Luther: Midway through the Crossroads chapter, Luther will take a hit. Go back for him to save his life.

Stay alive: At the end of Crossroads, two soldiers open fire on Kara and Alice, which forces them to run. When you see that happen, play dead. Remain motionless as the soldiers come close. If you take a chance and sprint off, these enemies will kill Kara and Alice. If you decide to surrender, enemies will bring the two to the android recycling center camp.

detroit become human ending guide kara alice luther border
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Assuming you successfully saved Luther in the Crossroads, you’ll also rescue him at the checkpoint in the Battle for Detroit. Do not take the detour after this travel straight to the checkpoint, and stay calm. You’ll challenge the soldier and quiet Luther by explaining that Alice isn’t sick. Again, stay calm when the soldier calls you back. 

After you finally make it to the bus station, swipe the tickets you find left out by a family. At the border, select the option No Sacrifices. If you completed each event successfully, this would save all the significant characters’ lives.

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