‘Detroit: Become Human’ endings guide

Everything you need to know to get the best 'Detroit: Become Human' endings

Detroit: Become Human has a fairly startling number of moments throughout its story that can alter what happens along the way. People can die or be saved, friendships can be created or destroyed, and characters can be heroes or villains. Those choices culminate in several endings that take into account which characters you’ve saved and which paths you’ve taken to lead your characters to different conclusions.

It’s tough to run down every single ending in Detroit: Become Human, since there are actually quite a few potential variations, both great and small. We’ve created a guide that can help you find each of the different endings, though, based on the different paths and some of the key chokepoint moments along the way. A word of caution, though: You’ll want to play through at least once organically, since it’s best enjoyed as a game of choices and consequences, and it’s a lot less fun if you know what’s coming. Once you’ve completed the story once, however, you should feel free to go wild exploring its alternative paths.

Here are the most important aspects of each character, and the key moments that shape their endings.

Spoiler warning: Although it should probably go without saying (since this is an endings guide), you should avoid reading further until you have completed the game at least once to avoid spoiling major plot details.


detroit become human ending guide markus

Markus’ survival: As a main character, there are several points in the narrative of Detroit: Become Human when Markus can be killed. They are: During the Freedom March chapter, if you choose to sacrifice yourself or attack the police; During the Crossroads chapter, if you fail too much while fighting soldiers or Connor; and during the Battle for Detroit chapter, if you fail too much while fighting, or if you lose a fight to Connor (or choose to play as Connor) if he remains a machine.

What Jericho thinks of Markus: Once you make it to Jericho, you’ll be tasked with helping out the leaders. Your standing with Jericho is based on how successful you are on those missions. Gathering parts for the Jericho survivors, bringing in new recruits or turning away potentially dangerous people, and using either peaceful methods or violent ones will affect Markus’ standing with Jericho and the options you get for the ending.

Public Opinion: The public pays attention to how androids conduct themselves, and a positive or negative public opinion will affect how the government responds to androids throughout the game, as well as some options that are available. You can raise public opinion by choosing non-violent, non-destructive methods of protest, and by sparing human lives; violence and destruction lowers public opinion.

North, Simon and Josh: The three leaders of Jericho all have different ideas about how androids should fight for freedom — or not fight. Agreeing with each of their methods will raise that person’s opinion of Markus, while lowering the opinions of the others. Successfully reaching Jericho’s goals and saving android lives will also affect their opinions, and if their opinions of Markus are high enough, you can open new story paths regarding the three of them.

Take North’s dirty bomb: Under the right circumstances, North will tell Markus about a dirty bomb in Detroit during the Crossroads chapter. Taking the switch from her gives you the option to use it to force the authorities to spare the androids during the protest in Battle for Detroit.


detroit become human ending guide connor

Connor’s survival: As a Cyberlife android, Connor can die repeatedly during the story of Detroit, only to be replaced by another version of Connor with the original’s memories downloaded. If you choose for Connor to become a deviant during the Crossroads chapter, though, dying after that will mean Connor’s death is permanent — he’ll be replaced by a copy of Connor that is a machine, and therefore an antagonist to Markus. Deviant Connor can die while helping Markus and North escape in Crossroads, or while arming the bomb in Crossroads, if you fail the quick-time events. He can also die as a deviant during the Battle for Detroit in the Cyberlife Tower if you go to the 31st floor, if you fail quick-time events fighting soldiers, if you lose the fight to New Connor, or if you fail to convince Hank not to shoot you.

If Connor stays a machine, he can die for good during the Battle for Detroit if Markus defeats him.

Completing investigations: Most of Connor’s story is about investigating deviants. How Connor interacts with the deviants he interrogates, what evidence he uncovers, and whether he can solve the cases affects where his story will take him and how he’ll react to events. Empathy toward androids will take him mostly down one path, while acting more like a machine will take him down another.

Interactions with Hank and Amanda: Interactions with Connor’s partner on the deviant android case, Hank, are also a major factor in where his story goes. Connor can develop a friendship with Hank, or keep him at arm’s length, throughout the case. The relationship with Hank affects what possible story branches are available at various times in the story. The same is true with Connor’s interactions with Amanda, his boss at Cyberlife. You’ll also unlock new branches by fully investigating Hank’s desk in the Waiting for Hank chapter and his house in the Russian Roulette chapter.

Hank can also be killed at several points, depending on Connor’s actions. Hank can die if Connor leaves him to commit suicide in Russian Roulette, if their relationship is poor in The Bridge, if Connor kills him in the Battle for Detroit if he stays a machine, and if New Connor kills him in the Battle for Detroit if Connor chooses to sacrifice him.

Going deviant or staying machine: Toward the end of the game in the Crossroads chapter, Connor will eventually directly confront Markus as part of his investigation. How Connor deals with Markus, and whether he joins the androids or continues to fight them, opens up different paths and vastly different endings.


detroit become human ending guide kara

Kara’s survival: Kara is in danger pretty much all the time. She can be killed in the Stormy Night chapter if she fails to stop Todd; in the On the Run chapter if you fail while crossing the highway; in the Zlatko chapter if Zlatko catches you and you fail the quick-time events; in the Crossroads chapter if you choose “Run” while escaping from the soldiers at the end of the chapter (“Play Dead” or “Surrender” result in Kara and Alice surviving); if you fail during the Battle for Detroit chapter when sneaking away from guards, either outside or inside the camp; and if you choose to give up after crossing the river in Battle for Detroit.

What Alice thinks of Kara: Alice’s relationship to Kara affects how their story unfolds. Alice is highly empathetic and prefers for Kara to do the right thing, but that can affect Kara and Alice’s safety along the way.

Conflict: At several points along the way, you’ll come into conflict with other characters. Whether you choose to fight or flee, and whether you choose to be trusting or hostile to other characters, will tally toward the ending your receive.

Luther: In the Zlatko chapter, the android Luther will offer to join Kara and Alice. Whether you choose to trust him will affect the story going forward, and the eventual ending. He’ll accompany you if you let him, and he offers to sacrifice himself to protect Alice at a number of points. Luther can die in the Crossroads chapter if you choose to leave him, and can be asked to sacrifice himself to save Kara and Alice during the Battle for Detroit while at the border crossing, on the river boat, and in the recycling center android camp.

Protecting Alice and staying alive: A lot of Kara’s conflicts are about staying alive and keeping Alice out of trouble. Choosing how to protect Alice and how to save Kara is key to the ending you’ll unlock.


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