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A guide to the Dohn Mheg Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

How to survive the scary depths of the Dhon Mheg dungeon in FFXIV: Shadowbringers

Dohn Mheg is the second dungeon you’ll come across in your Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers adventure. If you happened to watch the preview livestreams leading up to launch, you’ve probably seen it a lot already. This underwater paradise isn’t as wonderfully magical as it first seems. Being the domain of another of the fae folk found in Il Mheg, it’s borderline horror disguised as whimsy.

As with the rest of our Shadowbringers dungeon guides, we’re focusing wholly on boss strategies and tactics. The trash mods, although quite powerful, aren’t all too important here. Just force your way through them and beat up some bosses.

Aenc Thon, Lord of the Lingering Gaze

This frog friend gives a little something away in its name. Things start off pretty same with the same toy hammer bonk we saw cripple tanks in The Antitower back in Heavensward. Chop away at it’s health, however, and things will soon go south.

Aenc Thon’s main attack comes after his first Hydrofall and Laughing Leap, in which he hops to the middle of the arena to cast Landsblood. The ripple sent out from this move creates puddles of water that erupt after enduring two smacks of Aenc Thon’s staff. These eruptions are bigger than they seem and spawn more puddles with each, so steer clear and reposition after each to avoid getting comboed. Then it’s rinse and repeat – pun intended.


Pokemon fans might recognize this bushy beast. Griaule tricks a little with Fodder, a spell which spawns things that will tether to Griaule and cause it to grow in size and power. These can be intercepted by breaking the tether between the boss, but you won’t be able to intercept them all. During this, Griaule will be casting Tiimbeeer to cause AOE damage to the team. If you want to try for some kind of challenge mode, let Griaule juice up. “Healers adjust”, as they say.

Between these Fodder phases, Griaule will attempt to cleave players with its conal Swinge attack by rooting you all in place with Coiling Ivy. You can break yourself out of these with attacks, but a single White Mage’s Assize or a similar spell will typically clear the field.

Aenc Thon, Lord of the Lengthsome Gait

After venturing through the magical castle floating on the lake, Aenc Thon will return for round two. Now a lanky frog we fully expect to land on NSFW art sites in time, he’s swapped the candy cane for a violin bow. Virtuosic Capriccio deals AOE damage, Imp Choir requires to look away, and Toad Choir is a wide conal attack you’ll want to avoid unless you want to join its froggy ranks.

After hopping back to the rear of the area, Aenc Thon executes Funambulist’s Fantasia, creating a massive gap in the center. Carefully follow the thin path back to the boss, step into its shield, and gun it down before he has a chance to cast Finale.

Succeed and Aenc Thon will take on a new form. One veterans will have seen before. Avoid this new foe’s telegraphed strikes, non-telegraphed tentacle slams, and some vomit, and it’ll reform into Aenc Thon for you to finish off.

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