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A guide to the Holminster Switch dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

Healer, ready up! Here's our guide to the first dungeon in FFXIV: Shadowbringers

Holminster Switch is the first dungeon featured in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. Unlocked at Level 71, it follows in the footsteps of Dusk Vigil and The Sirensong Sea from past expansions. It’s a fairly lengthy dungeon that ties up early plot points. If you decide to run it with the Trust System rather than real players, bring Alisae along for some extra little interactivity.

In this Holminster Switch dungeon guide, we’ll be skipping over the laborious trash mob pulls and focusing purely on the challenging bosses found within. Some of the bosses employ some new tricks and even use powerful mechanics from Stormblood raids to keep you on your toes. They’re no pushover, and the whole team will need to be on point to push past them. Healers might want to pay close attention.

Forgiven Dissonance

Turns out these Valkyrie-type monstrosities are just regular old Sin Eaters – with swords! Things start off with Path of Light, which inflicts raid-wide AOE damage for healer’s to sort out. Expect this a lot. Then comes Brazen Bull. This cast puts balls of light on the battlefield that eventually explode outward in each cardinal direction. Pay attention and find a safe spot. This is timed with Gibbet Cage (an AOE under the boss) and Thumbscrew, a dash through the tank. The safe spots are tiny!

This is followed up by another pattern of bombs, only with Wooden Horse (a conal AOE) in place of Thumbscrew. Other than the introduction of the Pillory tank buster, it’s most just finding safe spots between Brazen Bull and Thumbscrew patterns. Just pay attention and you’ll be fine.

Tesleen, The Forgiven

After a nice walk through the flaming fields, you’ll reach a familiar face. Things start with a tank buster (The Tickler) and Scold’s Bridle, Tesleen’s go-to unavoidable AOE attack. Now it’s to her signature gimmick, Fevered Flagellation.

Numbered markers denote her dash order, so the team will need to spread out to avoid landing in her path more than once. The things stay relatively tame. She’ll drop a few puddles around during a stack marker that you’ll all want to avoid. All this will do is reduce movement potential for the next Fevered Flagellation. And that’s it. Healers will just need to pump out AOE heals from time to time.


This is it. Your first Lightwarden. Philia is a mean beast with lots of AOE damage and reasons to flee. The main thing to watch out for here is its barrage of attacks later on – aptly named “Fierce Beating”. Right/Left Clout will cover a side of the area relative to the arm used and fling anyone caught to Philia’s front which could be fatal if timed with something like a frontal cleave or its Aethersup attack.

Fierce Beating happens at around 50% HP. During this, Philia will rotate on the spot while dishing out front and rear attacks. Just keep to its sides and rotate with it and you should be fine.

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