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How to change classes in Fire Emblem Engage

Every character you get in Fire Emblem Engage will start off as a base class. While they can level up these classes, you aren't forced to keep everyone in the same class that they Start as, letting you more easily acheive better team compositions. This is a vital part of filling your ranks with diverse units, however,it isn't something you can do right away. There are several steps required before you can start turning archers into knights, but with our help, you won't miss a beat.



What You Need

  • Reach the required level

  • Reach the required weapon proficiency

  • Have the correct seal

Troops move around a grassy battlefield in Fire Emblem Engage.
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How to change classes in Fire Emblem Engage

There are three things you need before you can start changing classes (or two if you are just switching between base classes). These are hitting the required level, getting enough weapon proficiency, and having the correct seal.

Step 1: You don't need to hit any specific level to change base classes, so feel free to do so whenever you wish. However, changing to an advanced class requires that unit to first hit level 10 in a specific base class. One example is a unit having to reach level 10 Sword Fighter to become a Swordmaster.

Step 2: Aside from being level 10, you will also need to train that unit up to have one or more weapon proficiency for that class. An example here would be the High Priest class requiring proficiencies in magic, staves, and martial arts, while the Berserker only requires proficiency in axes.

Weapon proficiency is gained by increasing the bond between that unit and the appropriate Emblem.

Step 3: Finally, changing classes requires a seal. These can be awarded from battle, but also purchased in the Item Shop. Master Seals let you change from a base to an advanced class, while Second Seals let you change into special classes.

Step 4: Once you've met all the requirements, the actual act of changing a unit's class is done at the Somniel. Go into your inventory, select Change Class and select the class you want to change to. This will consume your seal, so while you can change again by getting or buying another, be sure before committing.

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