Flip Grip lets you play Switch games like you’re back at the arcade

Fangamer, a video game collectible company, launched a Kickstarter for a Nintendo Switch accessory called Flip Grip. The purpose of Flip Grip is to let Switch users play games in portrait mode — a feature that is apparently in high demand.

Less than a day after we wrote that Flip Grip had eclipsed $13,000 in crowdfunding, the campaign reached and smashed its target goal of $42,500. As of writing, Flip Grip has received north of $49,000 from nearly 3,000 backers, meaning Fangamer will be able to move forward with its neat Switch accessory.

At first glance, Flip Grip sounds like a strange idea, as new Nintendo Switch titles do not support portrait mode. Flip Grip is aimed at retro gamers, and specifically for eShop ports that originally appeared as arcade cabinets. Games like Donkey Kong, Galaga, Dig-Dug, Pac-Man, and Ikaruga. All told, the number of eShop games that support vertical orientation reaches to only 21 right now (you can check out the full list on the Kickstarter page). A small number indeed, but that figure should grow as more arcade games find their way onto the eShop.

Flip Grip is essentially a dock for your Switch. It has the same color palette as the Joy-Con grip and Switch console. The Switch slides in vertically and snaps in place. Then, like the Joy-Con grip, you simply slide each Joy-Con in on their respective sides and you’re good to go. That way, when you switch to portrait mode on a game like Pac-Man, you will get a more robust viewing area.

Currently, the only way to play these games properly in portrait mode is with the Joy-Cons disconnected in tabletop mode, which isn’t really convenient or practical since the Switch’s kickstand is for landscape viewing. Flip Grip remedies this nuisance for tabletop mode, too, as it’s fitted with a kickstand of its own.

While using Flip Grip, you can still access the game card, headphone jack, and SD card. There are some tradeoffs to using it, though, as you cannot charge the system or turn off the power. The USB-C charging port and power button are blocked while in the grip.

It also should be noted that the Switch doesn’t automatically register that the Switch is in portrait mode like smartphones. You have to manually adjust the interface in-game.

Flip Grip is being developed by Retronauts co-host Jeremy Parish and engineer Mike Choi.

Pledges of $12 or more get you one Flip Grip, while $24 and up gets you two and a discount on shipping. With the campaign’s goal reached, backers can expect Flip Grip to ship in November.

Updated to note the crowdfunding campaign has reached its goal.

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