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Nidhogg developer’s aerobatic spaceship game ‘Flywrench’ is coming to the PS4

Flywrench Trailer PS4 ESRB
You might not think spaceships can be graceful movers but in game form, they certainly can be. The developer of Nidhogg, Messhof Games, announced its aerobatic spaceship game, Flywrench, will be joining the extensive library of games available on the PS4 next week.

As you might expect from the creators of sword stabbing, pixellated side-scroller, Nidhogg, the presentation of Flywrench is decidedly retro. The music is old-school, the visuals are pixeled and simplistic, but that does not mean the gameplay is antiquated. Indeed, it proved a popular game since its release on PC in 2015, but now it’s making its way to the PlayStation 4 and an entirely new audience of gamers.

Originally released with 170 levels and a level creator, the PS4 release of Flywrench comes with an exclusive 12 levels and all official ones created since the original release, bringing the total to 199.

Players can enjoy that multitude of content in the single-player campaign, or compete directly with friends and enemies on the time trial leaderboards. The soundtrack from the original version remains, with a number of heart-pumping tracks from several popular synth artists.

Controls in Flywrench are as simple as one button to flip and another to spin, giving you little input, but a huge amount of control once you’ve mastered how your aerobatic ship moves. It’s the kind of game that will take a lot of effort to get to grips with but for those who love a complex challenge, it should prove satisfying.

Flywrench has reviewed well over the past couple of years and consumers rate it highly on Steam, though it isn’t the most popular of titles out there. That is partly to do with how it looks no doubt, but it is worth bearing in mind that Flywrench is a punishingly difficult game that requires near perfection to complete.

Flywrench will launch on PS4 on Tuesday for $7.

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