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Fortnite season 4, week 1 challenge guide: Where to investigate mysterious claw marks

The newest season of Fortnite just dropped, and it’s a collaboration between Epic Games and Marvel — bringing us tons of superheroes we know and love from the Marvel universe. Season 4 comes with lots to do, and in this guide, we’ll cover how to complete the first of Wolverine’s challenges — which requires you to investigate three mysterious claw marks around the map.

Luckily, there are way more than three to find, so you’ve got plenty of options when searching for them. Below, we’ll include screenshots of the three easiest claw marks to find, along with tips to ensure you can get through this challenge as easily as possible. Keep up with these challenges throughout the season, and you’ll eventually unlock Wolverine’s icon skin to use in the game.

Let’s get into how to find three claw marks, and how to initiate the challenge as well, because the game doesn’t specify this, unfortunately.

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How to initiate Wolverine’s challenges

Unlike the game’s standard weekly challenges, these aren’t available by default. Instead, you must purchase the Battle Pass for chapter 2, season 4. It costs 950 V-Bucks (the equivalent of less than $8) but will give you lots of goodies, one of which is the ability to complete Wolverine’s challenges. There isn’t any other way to initiate the challenges without purchasing the Battle Pass, so hopefully, you’ve got enough V-Bucks sitting around, or you’ll have to shell out some real money.

Once you do get the Battle Pass, head to the Battle Pass menu, and you’ll see a list of Wolverine’s challenges. As of the writing of this guide, there’s only one, since it just went live. Here, you’ll be able to keep track of all the Wolverine challenges throughout the season.

Finding three claw marks

You’ll find the mysterious claw marks in the Weeping Woods area of the map, to the southwest of The Authority. As mentioned above, there are more than just three sets of claw marks available, but you only need to find three. Below, we’ll list the easiest ones to find — they’re all within close proximity of one another and can be gathered in around a minute.

Start by landing in the southern area of the Weeping Woods, and make your way north. To investigate the claw marks, all you have to do is approach them, and the game will give you credit. Make sure you actually get credit for claw marks before progressing. Also, since this challenge just went up, you’ll want to be cautious of other players looking to complete it as well. Weeping Woods is now a much busier area than before, so bring a friend or two to make your life easier.

Upon completion of this challenge, you’ll unlock the Berserker Barrage! Spray.

First claw marks — side of RV

Approach the northeastern RV, and you’ll see the claw marks on the west side of it.

Second claw marks — rock by the pond

Head west from the previous set to the nearby pond located in front of the cabins. You’ll see a few boulders with a set of claw marks on the boulder closest to the water.

Third claw marks — west side of the cabin

The final set is found on the west side of the northernmost cabin. This set of claw marks is slightly hidden, so look out for them next to an AC unit on the outside wall of the cabin.

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