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Fortnite season 4 week 5 challenge guide: How to locate a Trask Transport truck

Take a look at our season 4 week 6 challenge guide to complete the latest weekly challenge.

The latest Wolverine challenge is ready to go in Fortnite as part of season 4 week 5, and luckily, it’s a quick one. This week, you need to locate a Trask Transport truck, and like the week 3 challenge for finding Panther’s Prowl, all you need to do is step foot by the landmark and you’ll get credit for completing the challenge. However, the Trask Transport truck is not labeled on the map, so you’re probably scratching your head, trying to find it. Fortunately, we can show you exactly where it’s located so you can be even closer to unlocking the Wolverine skin.

Here’s how to find the Trask Transport truck in Fortnite.

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How to unlock Wolverine’s challenges

Before being able to complete Wolverine’s challenges during season 4, you’ll need to know how to unlock them. Unfortunately, you need to purchase the battle pass for 950 V-Bucks in order to gain access to Wolverine’s challenges. This is the equivalent of around $8, so unless you’ve got some V-Bucks left over from a previous season, you’ll have to shell out real money to get started. Once you do, head into the Battle Pass tab from the main menu and you can view Wolverine’s challenges.

Here, you’ll see all of the available challenges so far. We’re in week 5, meaning there are five challenges to complete, each of which gives you rewards for completing it. You can finish them in any order, and as long as you’ve completed the first six before the season is over, you’ll gain access to Wolverine’s classic blue and yellow costume. For this week, you’ll be rewarded with a super fancy Wolverine glider after you find the Trask Transport truck. Now that you know how to unlock the challenges, let’s dive into completing the one for week 5.

Where to find a Trask Transport truck

The Trask Transport truck is found in the northwestern sector of the map on a rounded piece of elevated land. It’s to the northwest of Doom’s Domain and to the northeast of Coral Castle. All you need to do is land next to the truck to get credit for completing the challenge. Below is a video showing you where to find it.

Make sure you land on the elevated piece of circular terrain. Otherwise, you’ll have to build a ramp to get back up. Upon arrival, you’ll see a long purple truck with an XP token inside. Right when your feet hit the ground, you’ll earn XP and be one step closer to earning Wolverine’s skin.

Assuming you’ve been following along so far, you’ll only have one more challenge to complete next week to unlock Wolverine’s costume. Luckily, most of the Wolverine challenges can be completed in a matter of minutes, including this one. Even though the Trask Transport truck is home to a weekly challenge, we didn’t come across any enemies along the way, so you should be safe.

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