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Fortnite season 4 week 6 challenge guide: Consume foraged items at Holly Hedges

Season 4, week 6 of Fortnite is underway, with an all-new set of challenges for you to blast through. This week’s challenges aren’t as difficult as some of the others in the past, but a few of them might require some explanation to complete. One that seems to be stumping some players is the challenge for consuming 10 foraged items at Holly Hedges — but not to worry, we’ve got all the details for completing this challenge with ease.

We’ll walk you through what a foraged item is and where to find them, and we’ll give you some tips to get this challenge finished quickly. Here’s how to consume foraged items at Holly Hedges in Fortnite.

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What is a foraged item?

A foraged item is a consumable in Fortnite that grants you health/shield or other bonus and is represented by a piece of food you’d eat in real life. Think apples, bananas, cabbage, corn — all items you’d actually eat. They’re oftentimes found in boxes, and for the challenge we’re covering here, you’ll find plenty of them at Holly Hedges. To start the challenge, boot up any game mode and land at Holly Hedges, preferably at the house in the northwestern section of the area. Here, you’ll find a cabbage patch.

How to consume 10 foraged items at Holly Hedges

There are a few things you should know about completing this challenge. For one, the foraged items you consume do not need to be 10 unique pieces of food. You can consume 10 of the same item and still get credit for completing the challenge. The other thing is that, while the types of food that spawn in boxes at Holly Hedges are random, the locations of the boxes are the same each match. However, the easiest way to complete this challenge is by consuming the cabbage that spawns by the house in the northwestern sector of this area. There are eight pieces of cabbage total, so you’ll only need to consume two more foraged items after that.

Do keep in mind, you cannot consume the cabbage if your health is full, so either allow yourself to take damage from a nearby enemy or create a series of wooden ramps to jump from that will cause fall damage to your character. After you’ve consumed the eight pieces of cabbage, you can head inside the garden store by the revive van or one of the houses to find the rest. You’ll always find boxes of foraged items inside the kitchen area of the houses in Holly Hedges.

In the video above, you can see that consuming birthday cake (which is part of the limited-time birthday celebration going on right now) does not count, so you’ll need to consume any other foraged items to complete the challenge. You can also see that certain foraged items grant abilities, like the pepper, which gives you a speed boost. Since Holly Hedges is home to a new weekly challenge, you’ll likely find other players in this area, so be sure to grab your foraged items quickly and stock up throughout any firefights you might encounter.

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