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Fortnite challenge guide: How to complete the third birthday challenges

Happy birthday, Fortnite! It’s crazy to think it’s only been around for three years — and what a tremendous three years it’s been. To celebrate, Epic Games has added birthday challenges into Fortnite, and if you complete them all, you’ll earn some festive rewards that we’ll detail below. Luckily, the birthday challenges are a lot more straightforward than many of the weekly challenges we’ve seen throughout this season, so you shouldn’t have issues completing them by the time they go away.

There are four to complete, and they will be available until October 1, 2020. Below, we’ll go through everything you’ll need to know about the birthday challenges — including tips and strategies for completing them as efficiently and easily as possible. Here’s how to complete the birthday challenges in Fortnite.

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List of birthday challenges

  • Play 10 matches.
  • Dance in front of 10 different birthday cakes.
  • Outlast 500 opponents.
  • Gain 50 health or shield from birthday cake.

Play 10 matches

The first challenge is for completing 10 matches. You don’t need to win — you just need to participate. If you’re really itching to get this one done quickly, you can immediately jump from a tall building to down yourself to complete the game faster, but considering you’ll need to play several matches to outlast 500 opponents, we recommend playing through to the best of your ability.

Dance in front of 10 different birthday cakes

The most complicated challenge of the four is the one for dancing in front of 10 different birthday cakes, which are scattered around the map in main hub areas. To complete this challenge, you must dance at all 10 cakes — you can’t continuously dance at the same one to earn credit for all 10. Fortunately, their locations are fixed and are usually found right in the center of high-traffic areas, so they’re mostly hard to miss.

Below are the locations of all 10, along with images you can use for reference. They don’t all need to be discovered in one match. In fact, we recommend going for one or two per match to make the most out of your time since you’ll need to play several matches to complete all the challenges anyway. The other thing to note is that you must be fairly close to the cake when you initiate the dancing emote to get it to register. The first time we tried, we were around 10 feet away, and it did not count until we stood right next to the cake — practically touching it. Remember to eat the cake slices on the ground to heal up and earn credit toward one of the other challenges on this list.

Sweaty Sands

You can dance at each cake in any order, but we chose to check off the one at Sweaty Sands first. It’s located right under the colorful pier sign that reads “Food, Fishing, Fun” — in front of the long dock that leads to the water.

Salty Springs

Next up is Salty Springs, and you’ll find this one right in the middle of the area, next to the revive van.

Doom’s Domain

The cake at Doom’s Domain is found to the west of the large statue in the center of the area on the sidewalk.

Dirty Docks

To find the next cake, head to Dirty Docks. This one is found in the middle of this section, to the northwest of the revive van in the center. It’s in between the two larger buildings in the middle.

Retail Row

Again, the next one is right in the center, this time at Retail Row in the parking lot.

Lazy Lake

Across the street from the gas station at Lazy Lake is the next cake, sitting on the sidewalk by a street light and bench.

Misty Meadows

The next cake is located in Misty Meadows, on the eastern side, right next to a fountain in the middle of the road.

Slurpy Swamp

At Slurpy Swamp, you’ll find the next birthday cake, across from the revive van in the middle, in front of a building.

Weeping Woods

The only birthday cake that’s located indoors is the one in Weeping Woods. It’s found in the northernmost cabin as soon as you head inside from the main entrance.

Holly Hedges

The final birthday cake is found at Holly Hedges directly next to the revive van, behind the building with flowers on it.

Outlast 500 opponents

Outlasting 500 enemies isn’t difficult, but it will take some time. Even if you get first place in every match you play, it will still take you five matches to complete this challenge. That’s why we recommend stacking this with the challenge for completing 10 matches. The nice thing is that you can finish this challenge even if you aren’t the best player, simply by hiding inside a secluded building. It’s not as fun, though, so we advise that you simply play normally, and this will come with time. It’s also best to go for this challenge in squads. Stick by your teammates, and hopefully, they’ll assist in outlasting as many opponents as possible.

Gain 50 health or shield from birthday cake

The final birthday challenge is for gaining 50 health or shields from birthday cakes. Each of the aforementioned birthday cakes feature smaller slices of cake scattered around the floor beneath it, so make sure you fill up while visiting each one. The slices of cake will give you five health/shields, so you’ll need to eat 10 to complete this challenge.


What do you get for completing all of these challenges? Is it worth your time? You’ll need to be the judge of that. Since the challenges are so straightforward, you’ll likely get most of them by playing naturally, so even if the rewards aren’t worth it, at least they aren’t too tough to obtain. As soon as you log in to the game from September 26 through October, you’ll gain access to a special birthday-themed emote.

Here’s what you get for finishing all four challenges:

  • Wrap
  • Spray
  • Emote
  • XP
  • Cake! Back Bling

And that’s everything you need to know about completing Fortnite’s third birthday challenges! Remember, you have until October 1, 2020, to finish them before they’re gone forever, so act quickly.

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