GameStop to start selling digital downloads in stores


With the upcoming launch of Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms, GameStop is starting up a program to sell digital versions of PC games within the physical locations of the company. While visitors to the GameStop can accomplish the exact same task on the website, customers interested in the game can apply store credit from trade-ins to the purchase of the digital title. This service is being powered by technology from a recent acquisition, Impulse Inc. The Impulse digital distribution platform is a response to the popularity of Steam as well as the move by Electronic Arts to sell games within a proprietary distribution system called Origin.

deusex_human_revo_boxAs an incentive for those that preorder Deus Ex: Human Revolution, consumers will also receive a DLC pack called Explosive Mission, digital versions of the first two games in the series Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition and Deus Ex: Invisible War, double points for GameStop PowerUp Rewards members as well as an entry in the Augment Your Living Room Sweepstakes (GameStop PowerUp Rewards members only). The sweepstakes includes a 3D HDTV, surround sound system, home theater seating, all three consoles and a $500 GameStop gift card.

In order to download Deus Ex: Human Revolution on the release date of August 23, users have to download the Impulse client similar to clients from Steam and EA. Publishers that use Impulse can include digital rights management options to protect its software, but PC gaming consumers are often disparaging against any form of DRM. Similar to Steam, the Impulse software allows publishers to include achievements, chat, friends lists, cloud storage and multiplayer lobbies within games. Publishers also have the ability to add more downloadable content to the game through Impulse as well as have access to analytics around consumers and purchase behavior.