GameStop will be handing out Catwoman redemption codes with used copies of Batman: Arkham City

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Words emerged this week for the first time that the Catwoman content in Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment’s Batman: Arkham City would be locked down behind an online pass-style redemption code included with all new copies of the game. It’s part of an ongoing, industry-wide effort to stem the losses incurred by publishers with used game sales. In an odd twist, it seems that those who are able to obtain a used copy of the game from GameStop won’t have to worry about locked content.

An internal company menu leaked to Kotaku reveals that a Catwoman code will print out on the receipt for all used purchases of Arkham City. The leak was later confirmed by GameStop retail locations, though WBIE has yet to make a comment of its own.

Of course, Arkham City hits stores next Tuesday and all reviews so far point to one of the strongest games of this year. Don’t be surprised if you’re not seeing any used copies of the game for, oh, the next bunch of months.