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Gotham Knights skipping PS4 and Xbox One

The new Batman Arkham series spinoff, Gotham Knights, is still set to release in October for Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, and PlayStation 5, but it won’t be showing up on last-gen consoles. The news comes as Warner Bros. Entertainment shared a new gameplay trailer for the superhero title, showing Nightwing and Red Hood in action.

Gotham Knights - Official Nightwing and Red Hood Gameplay Demo

In a press release, WBIE states, “Please note, to provide players with the best possible gameplay experience, the game will release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC and will not be available for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One consoles.” Originally, WBIE noted that the game would release on current and past-gen consoles. Considering that the game was originally supposed to release last year, the shift in plans makes sense as we’re now two years into a new console cycle.

Gotham Knights takes the gameplay from Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham series and removes Batman. In this spinoff, players take the helm of the Dark Knight’s wards, Batgirl, Red Robin, and, the focus of the new gameplay trailer, Red Hood and Nightwing. The lengthy gameplay clip showcases the cooperative open-world action that WBIE has been showcasing for the past few years, and once again focuses on the villainous Court of Owls, who make their video game debut here.

Gotham Knights may not be the only DC game going through some development changes. Recently Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League got delayed from 2022 to Spring 2023.

Players can go back to Gotham for another long Halloween with Gotham Knights on October 25. The game will launch on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5.

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