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Gearbox Software is testing new competitive online FPS ‘Project 1v1’

Project 1v1
Gearbox Software has announced a brand-new multiplayer shooter, which is being developed under the code name Project 1v1. Gamers will be given the opportunity to test out the new title this summer — but only a “limited number of players” will be given access.

Project 1v1 apparently attempts to marry the fast-paced fun of FPS combat with the metagame aspect of a collectible card game. At this point, it’s not entirely clear how that will translate to the in-game experience, but there seems to be a clear focus on providing a sense of long-term progression that will keep players coming back again and again.

Three different modes will be available during the technical test, according to the game’s official website. Ranked mode will allow players to gain experience and earn loot crates that contain new cards, while Challenge mode lets friends play one another without worrying about their ranking.

Finally, there’s Arena mode, in which competitors queue up to face the reigning champion and take their place upon defeating them. If the code name Project 1v1 wasn’t enough of a clue, this seems to confirm that the game is all about one-on-one duels — which is pretty unique in the online FPS genre.

Gearbox’s most recent attempt at the online multiplayer FPS genre, Battleborn, didn’t make as much of an impact as the studio might have hoped. Project 1v1 looks to stand more of a chance of differentiating itself from its biggest competitors, especially because of its collectible card game component.

Still, there will be plenty of fans who wish Gearbox was announcing more details about Borderlands 3, rather than a brand new franchise. We know that the sequel is in the works, but otherwise the studio has remained very quiet on when it should be ready, and what players can expect from the experience.

Anyone interested in checking out Project 1v1 this summer can register their interest via the sign-up page on the Gearbox website. However, players based outside the North America are warned that since the beta will only use servers in this region, they might experience less than optimal performance.

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