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Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s massive map hides nearly 800 secrets across 332 miles

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Auroa world building hidden places secrets map game

The Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon franchise stepped into a new, open-world format with Wildlands, and Ghost Recon Breakpoint is following suit as, essentially, a direct sequel. One of the changes being implemented in this new entry is an all-new setting, Auroa. Auroa is a collection of islands riddled with secrets that relate to the archipelago’s past and present. To be exact, the developers revealed in a deep dive held at Ubisoft’s Paris office that there are 793 hidden places for players to find. 

Auroa is owned by Skell Technology, a company that has its headquarters taken over by the rogue Ghost operatives known as The Wolves. You play as one of a squad of Ghost operatives who survived an operation that went south. Throughout Breakpoint, you’ll be exploring Aurora and its various biomes.

The 793 hidden places include everything from a house on a lake to a surveillance outpost for private military contractors, and are spread across 332 miles of in-game space. There’s no fixed base for the Ghost squad in Breakpoint, so some hidden locals can serve as safe havens. Others will have loot and gear for you to grab. 

Throughout the deep dive, we were shown a history of the island spanning 80 million years. The secret locations will explore that history, from extinct civilizations, to the first European contact in 1576, to the archipelago’s use as a strategic element in a 20th-century war. In addition to snow-covered high tundra, rain forest, and other biomes, the Ghost Recon Breakpoint development team has invested a great deal in the world-building for the setting. As long as the gameplay holds up, there’s a chance diligent explorers will be entertained by their findings.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Auroa world building hidden places secrets map game

In an image showing an overhead view of Auroa, there are small islands scattered around the main landmass. Further away from that mass, however, is a mass of land that is smaller than the main island and covered by clouds. This area, the developers told us, will be home to post-launch content of some kind. The Ghost Recon Breakpoint developers have teased raids and other endgame content for the game, and this space could be home to them, but official reveals are a bit further out.

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