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Google Stadia and GeForce Now cloud streaming services are coming to LG TVs

Google Stadia and GeForce Now are both coming to LG TVs later this year. The surprising announcement is yet another sign that cloud gaming is set for a major push in 2021.

Google Stadia will come to LG TVs sometime in late 2021. Stadia subscribers would usually need to buy a Chromecast to access the cloud service on a TV. This development eliminates the need for a separate tool, as the app can be downloaded directly onto a TV instead. Stadia expanded to iOS in December.

Similarly, GeForce Now games are coming sometime in 2021’s fourth quarter as its own app on LG TVs. While Stadia is its own self-contained service, GeForce Now connects with external store accounts like Steam, allowing players to stream any of their games to a device.

The apps are coming to future TVs through LG’s WebOS interface. Rather than using a third-party operating system, WebOS is LG’s own product. It allows developers to release versions of their apps on LG devices.

The announcement is a major step for cloud gaming. By having apps easily available on TVs, Stadia and GeForce now will become easily accessible across more devices, just as video streaming services like Netflix are.

The evolution of cloud gaming is becoming one of the bigger trends at this year’s CES show. LG putting stock into the emerging technology with products built with streaming apps in mind paints a healthy outlook for services like Stadia heading into 2021. OtterBox even announced a surprising line of mobile gaming products built around Microsoft’s cloud gaming service.

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