Halo to release the six original Halo CE multiplayer maps as DLC for Reach

halo to release the six original ce multiplayer maps as dlc for reach anniversary edition andIt is a good time to be a Halo fan. Next week marks the 10-year anniversary of the release of Halo: Combat Evolved on the original Xbox, and to commemorate the event, Microsoft has two offerings for its fans.

The first is the remastered, anniversary edition of Halo: CE, featuring all new HD graphics, online connectivity for the six slightly reimagined competitive multiplayer maps and one new Firefight map, Kinect voice integration, plus a few other Easter Eggs and surprises. The game will also feature online co-op, new plot elements, 1,000 achievement points and 3D support. For fans of the game, the $39.99 will also allow you to relive the experience using the engine from Halo: Reach.

But if the campaign isn’t your thing, and you are a fan of Reach, you can purchase the six remastered maps along with the new Firefight map for $15 (1,200 MS Points). The maps included as DLC and on the Halo: CE Anniversary Edition disc are: Damnation, Beaver Creek, Prisoner, Timberland, Headlong, Hang ‘Em High and the Firefight map, Installation 04.

Those that already own Reach but are planning on purchasing the Anniversary Edition can download the maps off the disc and access them through Reach as well. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition hits stores for the Xbox 360 on Tuesday.