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The HD remake ‘Fable Anniversary’ coming to Xbox 360 (but not Xbox One) later this year

Fable AnniversaryThe rumors of a new Fable game are true… although it isn’t quite what we were expecting. After launching a suspicious new Fable forum yesterday, Lionhead Studios teased its new game this morning with a YouTube mock-up of fans asking for a Fable remake on Twitter. Shortly afterwards, Microsoft unveiled Fable Anniversary on its Xbox Wire news site.

Fable Anniversary is a fully-featured HD remake of the original Fable that’s scheduled for release on Xbox 360 during this holiday season. It features “substantially updated” 1080p graphics, a new interface, a new save system, “nearly non-existent loading times,” achievements, and (in true Fable style) a leaderboard for chicken-kicking.

“We needed to keep ‘Fable’ the same, but also make it different,” lead designer Ted Timmins said. “It was a case of playing through the game over and over and writing down a list of the things we wanted to address in order to bring Fable to a 360 quality level that people expect.” He also said that Fable‘s trademark sense of choices and consequences will be present somehow in Fable Anniversary‘s new achievements.

Oddly, Fable Anniversary will be available “only on Xbox 360,” implying it will not be released on Xbox One, despite the fact that both the game and the new system will launch by the end of the year.

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