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Gritty WWII shooter ‘Hell Let Loose’ promises authentic 100-player battles

Hell Let Loose Reveal Trailer
Developer Black Matter has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for Hell Let Loose, an ambitious World War II shooter that aims to deliver realistic platoon-based combat with a strategic aspect that includes airstrikes and resource drops that can be called in as needed.

Built with the Unreal Engine 4, the game features a realistic focus with tanks, artillery, and infantry across a massive map with bridges, forests, towns, and fields. The Kickstarter goal is $106,000, and the funds are already halfway there, with almost a full month to go.

The game will feature platoon-sized squads under the command of officers and the force commander. The commander will presumably issue orders to his soldiers, direct the attacks at an upper level, and possibly even call in support or airstrikes, but not much of the command structure has been revealed yet.

There are a lot of WWII shooters out there, many with large numbers of players on each side, but the big focus of Hell Let Loose seems to be authenticity, from the weapons to the vehicles to the tactics themselves. The developers are a self-described group of “World War 2 enthusiasts making a game that we want to play.” They recently released a nine-minute gameplay video, showcasing a squad defending a checkpoint on the Utah Beach map.

Players will assume the role of one of 13 different classes, such as medic, engineer, anti-tank, or scout. Teams will need to establish supply lines and set up transport routes before assaulting the enemy’s front lines. Capturing territory will be rewarded with more resources – a fuel depot, for instance, will let you refuel your trucks more quickly, while a munitions drop will open up an artillery bombardment opportunity.

Capturing supply sectors will also play into the larger strategic meta-game that the commanders will have to deal with. You’ll need to judiciously allocate your Munitions, Manpower, and Fuel to keep your forces supplied and enable them to fulfill their objectives, while still stockpiling enough for a crucial offensive push.

It’s a bold and large-scale project to be sure, but it’s certainly a promising start. If Black Matter manages to pull it off, it will definitely deliver a unique and far-reaching experience for World War II shooter fans. The developers hope to release the finished product through Steam in March 2018 for $30.

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