Hitman returns on April 17 with turn-based strategy in Hitman Go

hitman returns april 17 go mobile game title

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Square Enix Montreal is set to launch its very first game, Hitman Go, on April 17. It’s a turn-based strategy game for smartphones and tablets (iOS first, Android “shortly after”) that spreads across 68 levels filled with main objectives and side objectives. There’s even a level inspired by the memorable fan-favorite “Curtains Down” mission from Hitman: Blood Money, which has Agent 47 infiltrate the Paris Opera for a pair of executions.

We don’t know much about how the game works beyond its turn-based setup, but the handful of glimpses we’ve seen show a diorama-style board game with stylish minimalist graphics. Since it’s a Hitman game, it’s a safe bet that each level presents you with a target or targets that need to be snuffed, but the actual gameplay mechanics are a mystery.

We’ll know more soon enough. Hitman Go will be available on iOS devices starting next week on April 17 with a price of $5.