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How to wall jump in Metroid Dread

With the launch of Metroid Dread, players will be making their way through planet ZDR, and thankfully, there are plenty of items, power-ups, and suits to help you on your journey. One of the basic moves is the wall jump, which has been in the series for years. You don’t need to unlock this move, as it’s available right from the start, but it still can be tricky to perform properly.

The wall jump is an essential maneuver that must be used to progress through the story. So if you’re stuck figuring out how the move works, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll detail everything you need to know about the wall jump in Metroid Dread.

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How to wall jump

It’s far easier to wall jump in Metroid Dread than in Super Metroid. The key is to ensure Samus flips in the air — a standard jump won’t work. To do so, make sure you’re running first before pressing B to jump. If you press B first without moving in any direction, you’ll simply do a standard jump without flipping. Run or move towards a wall and then press B to jump and you’ll begin flipping towards it.

Once you’re touching the wall, move your stick in the opposite direction, and press B once again to jump from the wall towards the other. If timed correctly, you’ll launch from the first wall towards the next one. Keep moving the stick left and right while continuously pressing B to jump back and forth between them. The timing is a little loose, so you don’t need to be too precise to get it to work.

The video above shows the wall jump in action.

How to wall jump underwater

Samus underwater in Metroid Dread.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Initially, it’s not possible to wall jump underwater. That is until you gain access to the Gravity Suit, which is unlocked around 50% of the way through the game. To acquire it, you’ll need to have access to the Morph Ball, the Pulse Radar, and the Space Jump. The Gravity Suit is located in Burenia towards the very bottom of the area. It’s located at a Chozo statue.

Map of Gravity Suit location in Metroid Dread. Chozo statue with Gravity Suit in Metroid Dread.

Once acquired, you can wall jump underwater, basically surpassing any of the physics of being underwater. You’ll no longer be sluggish while traversing underwater, thanks to the addition of the Gravity Suit. The process of wall jumping works the same underwater once you have the Gravity Suit, so follow the steps described above to execute the maneuver. You’ll now be able to wall jump wherever you see fit.

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