Humble Store proceeds target thousands of newly added charities

humble store expands charity lineup header
Humble Bundle organizers have greatly expanded the service’s Humble Store charity lineup, allowing buyers to target their donation toward one of more than 35,000 listed charities with every purchase.

Humble Bundle, a pay-what-you-want service that regularly offers downloadable compilations of PC and mobile games, encourages buyers to split their chosen purchase price between featured developers, the organization itself, and one of a handful of promoted charities. Previous bundles have allowed buyers to donate their cash toward the Red Cross, Child’s Play, and other organizations.

In the five years since its launch, Humble Bundle has raised more than $63 million for its featured charities. Now, buyers have the ability to put a portion of their cash toward an overlooked favorite, or any number of popular charitable organizations by purchasing any game offered in the Humble Store.

“There are a wealth of amazing charities out there,” said Humble Bundle co-founder John Graham in a recent interview with GamesIndustry. “We don’t ever like saying no to great causes but in curating things ourselves, we find ourselves mainly picking larger nonprofits that have awesome established global brands that we think will resonate with our community as a whole.”

Graham continued: “With this new feature, if parts of our community want to give aid to homeless shelters in San Francisco and others wish to provide fresh drinking water to Ethiopia, they can choose as they please.”

Graham notes that the expansion is possible through the PayPal Giving Fund, a digital donation service open to all registered public charities in the United States and the UK. Humble Bundle is currently soliciting its userbase for suggestions regarding additions to its charity lineup.

Launched in 2013, the Humble Store offers a slate of digital games from publishers big and small, frequently offering exclusive limited-time discounts for its customers. Ten percent of each Humble Store purchase is donated to charity.

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