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Hyrule Warriors takes on a horde of 100+ screenshots

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It’s fitting that we’ve got more than 100 screenshots to share for Hyrule Warriors. The Tecmo Koei Wii U is the latest spin-off of the popular Warriors franchise, which is built on sending one powerful soldier up against full-blown armies of enemies. The Dynasty and Samurai branches of the series delved into Chinese and Japanese history, respectively, but Hyrule is one of the more offbeat offerings, falling as it does within the universe of The Legend of Zelda.

What does that mean? You’re fighting Dodongo, wielding a Master Sword, and chucking bombs and boomerangs with abandon. Link is just one of a large cast of playable characters that includes Fi, Midna, Agitha, and Princess Zelda herself.

Hyrule Warriors comes to Wii U in North America on September 26.

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