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How to increase health and magic in Immortals of Aveum

Your two most important meters in Immortals of Aveum will be your health and magic as you trade out guns for magic in this unique FPS. Health speaks for itself — if it runs out, you die — but magic isn’t used to power your normal red, blue, or green projectiles. Instead, you need this to cast the more powerful skills you unlock throughout the game. Even though there are crystals you can find and hold to replenish these resources, the amount you can hold at the start is fairly limited for both. Thankfully, there is a way you can buff these with permanent increases.

How to increase health and magic

Jak collecting a radiant health shard in Immortals of Aveum.

To increase your maximum health and magi,c you will need to collect Radiant Health Stones and Radiant Mana Stones, respectively. These come from two sources. First is from defeating bosses during the campaign. These will typically come at the end of chapters and be unique, challenging encounters. The other method is to earn them by completing the 26 Shroudtrials scattered across the various maps. These are shorter, bespoke optional challenges you can run through to earn a reward at the end. There’s no guarantee you’ll get the type of stone you’re looking for before you complete it though, and there are trails that you won’t be able to access when you first encounter them. Once you unlock new abilities, you can go back to old areas and seek them out to buff Jak up as much as possible.

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