More online features coming to Driveclub soon as a new patch is released

incoming driveclub server updates aim smooth online play

Evolution Studios is releasing another server update to alleviate the connection issues that have plagued Driveclub since its launch on October 7, the studio announced on its Facebook page. The studio promises that this latest update will allow the team to activate more of the promised online features that have been disabled because of server and netcode problems that slowed or outright prevented many users from connecting to the game’s heavily promoted online features.

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Driveclub‘s issues are similar to the fraught launches that Sim City and Battlefield 4 had last year. The server hardware was inadequate to handle the load of players jumping on at launch, and their architecture buckled under the pressure. The release of the PlayStation Plus version of Driveclub was delayed in order to give Evolution a little more breathing room to beef up the servers before letting in a new torrent of players. In the meantime, incremental updates have gradually gotten the game working, with leaderboards, clubs, and online multiplayer races reportedly working.

According to the developer’s Facebook post the new patch should be live by the time this story is published, or soon thereafter. Hopefully the server problems will soon be just a memory and players will be able to enjoy the much-delayed game as it was intended to be played.