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New Surgeon Simulator DLC lets you really get inside Donald Trump

inside donald trump surgeon simulator
Just about everybody has an opinion about Donald Trump, but what if you were a surgeon and he was lying there on your operating table — what would you do?

Well, Bossa Studios was wondering just that, and has just released a new Inside Donald Trump DLC for Surgeon Simulator that lets gamers operate on the Republican front-runner.

Surgeon Simulator is a comical video game in which a players must try and operate on a patient in hopes of saving his life. There’s one catch: You have finger dexterity of a Labrador retriever. The game gives you control of every finger. It’s essentially QWOP meets Operation. This can be challenging to play, but absolutely hilarious (and morbid) to watch.

For some who may have been put off by Trump’s rhetoric, the Inside Donald Trump DLC could be a safe way to exact comical revenge. It’s much safer, and a lot more legal, than jumping on stage with the presumptive Republican nominee for president.

There are some nifty new medical items added to the game, specifically for Trump. These include putting him to sleep using Trump Vodka, giving him some bedside manner with a Trump Steak, or loosening his organs with the Trump Tower. Sadly you can’t put his organs in a bucket of Trump Ice. And of course, there’s a new set of “Trumptastic” achievements for players to unlock.

Bossa Studios will also be tracking what users are doing to Trump. You can see right now if gamers are giving Trump a heart of gold or a heart of stone.

The DLC is free for owners of Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition. If you don’t own the game, it’s currently on sale on Steam at a hefty discount. Just about everyone can get in on the Trump abscission action.

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