Irrational Games hires BioShock Infinite cosplayer to be game’s mascot

irrational games

Know this: Dressing up like a video game character might land you a job. At least, that is, if you like almost startlingly like the game’s character already as in the case Anna Moleva and BioShock Infinite’s Elizabeth. Images of the Russian cosplayer—short for costume play for anyone unfamiliar with the term—dressed as the character first popped up online on her Deviant Art page in late 2011. Irrational Games announced on Monday morning that it has hired Moleva to be the face of their upcoming game.

“We were so amazed by dedication and her resemblance to Elizabeth that we decided to ask her if she’d like to be involved in helping bring Elizabeth to life in our box, our key art, and our upcoming television ad,” reads a post at Irrational’s blog.

The game has had a tumultuous year. Irrational Games confirmed on Nov. 26 that BioShock Infinite will ship in February 2013 without any multiplayer modes, contrary to initial announcements. This announcement came after a slew of staff departures in July and August including the game’s design director.