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It’s official: There’s a new BioShock game in the works

2K announced today that a new installment in the BioShock series is currently in development.

According to the publisher, the next iteration of BioShock will be in development for the next “several years,” in the hands of newly formed 2K subsidiary Cloud Chamber. The studio will house two offices — one based in San Francisco and the other in Montreal.

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“BioShock is one of the most beloved, critically praised, and highest-rated franchises of the last console generation. We can’t wait to see where its powerful narrative and iconic first-person shooter gameplay head in the future with our new studio team at Cloud Chamber leading the charge,” 2K president David Ismail said in a statement. “As we continue growing our product portfolio, we remain inspired by opportunities to invest further in our valuable IP, great people, and their collective, long-term potential.”

Of course, this is not the first time we have heard of a new BioShock game in development. In April 2018, Kotaku reported that a secret studio located next door to Mafia III developer Hangar 13 had quietly begun working on a new BioShock title under the code name “Parkside.”

Cloud Chamber is led by industry veteran Kelly Gilmore, who previously worked for 2K under the company’s subsidiary Firaxis games, best known for developing the real-time strategy games Civilization and XCOM.  With over two decades of experience, Gilmore has contributed to numerous projects and collaborated with several notable figures in the industry. including Civilization creator Sid Meier. Gilmore stated in an interview with GameDaily that working with the “father of computer gaming” has been inspirational and influential in establishing her own creative vision for Cloud Chamber.

While no official launch window has been provided, we can infer that the game will not see a release on current-generation hardware. With 2K confirming the game’s release is a few years away, and the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett slated to launch roughly a year from now, it’s no surprise that the studio will focus on developing the next BioShock title for the ninth-generation of gaming consoles.

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