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Link gets embroiled in Hong Kong crime drama in this Legend of Zelda parody

Chinese Legend of Zelda Movie (HK Crime Drama Short Film) (2016) (Parody)
Link from the Legend of Zelda has sailed vast oceans and explored the sweeping lands of Hyrule, but never has he been a detective in a Hong Kong crime drama.

YouTube channel DaysideTV has just released a new short film, and it puts the Hero of Time in an unexpected role.

The short film itself is a silly take on the beloved franchise. In it, Link must save Zelda, as he always does. The twist being that Link is a Chinese detective and must battle Ganon’s gang to get to the princess.

To get some insight, Digital Trends reached out to Girard Tecson of DaysideTV to understand his inspiration for making the film.

“I love Chinese martial-arts action movies from stars like Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Donnie Yen” said Girard. “I also like video games.” Combining the two was only natural, he added.

Back in 2012, Girard and crew made a Chinese Super Mario trailer, which was a modest success. “But it was just a trailer and I never got to do a full short film,” he said. With rumblings of a Legend of Zelda Netflix series, Gerard decided to use this opportunity to make his own short film featuring characters from his favorite video game franchise.

For Girard, these videos are passion projects made with friends. They make videos to showcase to their friends and family, “And sometimes a few videos here and there gets views and comments from people around the glob,” he said.”

DaysideTV will continue making these types of parody videos as long as there’s an audience willing to watch. They’re already working on a Chinese Mega Man parody, but are also open to expanding beyond video games to feature other pop-culture icons.

Maybe we’ll get a Golden Girls Hong Kong crime parody next.

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