Biggest-ever Lego Minecraft set (a whopping 2,863 pieces!) coming soon

Lego is about to release its biggest Minecraft-themed set yet. Based on a mountain cave scene featured in the hugely popular game, it will contain a whopping 2,863 pieces. Lego’s previous large-scale Minecraft set, The Village, came in at 1,600 pieces, making it hours of joyful work to build. For The Mountain Cave, it has gone way beyond that brick count, and created a visually exciting model that’s certain to appeal to both Lego devotees and Minecraft fans.

The striking Mountain Cave set can be opened up to reveal a detailed interior, plus the design is modular, so not only can you redesign the layout to your preferences, you can also add other Lego Minecraft sets to it. The standout external feature is the minecart track, which zips around the set, and connects to a minecart elevator to reach the mountain’s peak. A pair of carts are included, along with an array of minifigures.

Steve and Alex are there, plus you get an enderman, a charged creeper, a zombie and a skeleton, along with a cave spider, bats, and wolves. You’ll also find plenty of different elements, weapons, and fun accessories. Once the set is built, there’s a light brick to illuminate the cave spider spawning platform, plus a lava burst, a waterfall, and the opportunity to blast your way through the mountain to continue building the cart track. All finished, The Mountain Cave stands 12-inches high, and 20-inches wide.

With more than 2,800 parts, The Mountain Cave is one of Lego’s biggest sets. While it’s still only just over half the amount of pieces that make up the astonishing Lego Star Wars Death Star set — which has more than 4,000 pieces — it’s twice the amount of pieces needed to build the current, regular Millennium Falcon set, one which already takes many hours to complete.

Lego will release The Mountain Cave set on July 1 and it will cost $250, or 260 British pounds.


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