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The largest Lego Minecraft set is coming to steal your time this summer

There’s a new Minecraft Lego set coming, and it’s the largest and most complex in the range yet. It’s called Lego Minecraft: The Village, and it has a whopping 1,600 pieces, which should occupy a few lazy afternoons in the run up to summer. The name gives away the scale of The Village, and it consists of rainforest, desert, and snow biomes, along with other structures such as a library, watchtower, marketplace, and a blacksmith.

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The massive set also contains a wide variety of mini figures and characters. Steve is there, of course, and is joined by Alex, Minecraft’s female character introduced this time last year. Also with the set is a zombie and a zombie villager, a Creeper, and a couple of villages — a librarian and a farmer. A pig, a piglet, an enderman, and an iron golem complete the line up.

Obviously not a five-minute build, once you have completed making The Village, both the library and a butcher’s shop are fold-out playsets, while the roof can be removed from the marketplace to access the interior. As always with Lego sets, the attention to detail is impressive, right down to the tiny vegetables growing in the garden.

Reminiscent in size and scale to the Ewok Village Lego Star Wars set, this village set joins the many Minecraft themed sets already on sale, and this is where it gets really cool. Just like the video game, creativity and expansion are encouraged, and The Village is built to make adding on the other themed sets you own easy, so you can create an ever-expanding Lego Minecraft world. If The Village is your only Minecraft set, elements can be rebuilt to create alternative structures.

Lego Minecraft: The Village will go on sale June 1, and it’s going to cost $200.

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