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Where to find a bunch of free emeralds in your Minecraft Dungeons camp

Minecraft Dungeons swaps mining and crafting for spending copious amounts of little green emeralds on randomized loot to upgrade your character and gear.

You’re going to need a lot of emeralds to get the exact pieces you’re after. You can’t usually guarantee finding emeralds at all, but if you’re a few short of another piece of gear from the merchant, the free emerald chests hidden at the camp can help, and we’re going to show you where they all are.

All camp emerald chest locations

Minecraft Dungeons emerald chests

One emerald chest seems to spawn in the camp after every mission, with its location likely tied to the mission that spawned it. Rather than guess which mission causes each chest to spawn and where without any concrete evidence, here are all the chests we’ve managed to track down.

Refer back to the images from time to time, do a lap of the camp, and reap the rewards for 50 emeralds per chest for every player in your group.

North Cliff Edge

Minecraft Dungeons emerald chest location #1

Placed right by the map and the merchant, the first chest you’ll come across in the camp is clearly placed to say “Hey, look out for these!” It’s game design at its finest, but words would get the point across far more quickly.

East Cliff Edge

Minecraft Dungeons emerald chest location #2

Someone in this camp is clearly trying to kill you. They want to see you fall to your death, and it’s probably a phantom. Tip-toe up to the chest point here to collect your 50 emeralds.

Back Garden Bounty

Minecraft Dungeons emerald chest location #3

The house stuffed in the back of the camp isn’t good for much, but the tiered back garden area does hide another Emerald Chest. Your stash is safer under a mattress.

The Archway

Minecraft Dungeons emerald chest location #4

Follow the path from the house toward the right side of the screen and you should come across a rather old looking arch. If the conditions have been met, you’ll see a chest perched here like an ancient relic.

The Guard Post

Minecraft Dungeons emerald chest location #5

Walk through the dummy target patch and you should notice a cobblestone staircase leading up to a damaged guard post of some sort. You should find a chest up here if you’ve managed to make it spawn.

The Entranceway

Minecraft Dungeons emerald chest location #6

Travel down the steps toward the left part of the screen by the entrance to the map table and you should find another Emerald Chest tucked away on a stretch of grass at the bottom of the staircase.

Off the beaten path

Minecraft Dungeons emerald chest location #7

Carry on down the path from the entranceway chest location above and you might just notice the pearly white glow of another Emerald Chest poking out from behind the trees between the small step and pond.

Pond Cleaning

Minecraft Dungeons emerald chest location #8

Carry on from here and you could find another Emerald Chest sitting along on a patch of stone in the center of the pond. Roll if you don’t want to get your shoes too wet.

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