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Here’s how to unlock all the secret levels in Minecraft Dungeons and its DLC

Minecraft Dungeons is a far bigger game than many reviews let on. It keeps a lot of content close to its chest. When looking at the level select screen, it does look like a short trip to the game’s end credits, but since release, players have combed through enough of its initial offerings to find a plethora of secret levels, with DLC levels adding even more bonuses stages on top.

We managed to find a few of these in our initial playthrough as we wrote up a few guides for release, but with the help of the internet as a whole, we now know how to unlock a bunch more, including one that acts as a homage to the game this one takes its inspiration from. Here’s how to unlock all the secret levels in Minecraft Dungeons and its Jungle Awakens DLC.

How to unlock the secret levels in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons’ secret levels are all unlocked by finding maps hidden in their corresponding stage. Given each level randomly generates much of its map as you load in, it’s impossible to give a definitive answer on where each map lies.

Once you know one exists, though, it’s just a matter of exploring the level as best you can. They’re tucked away in obscure rooms and seemingly locked caves. If you’ve ever seen a spot on a wall that looks like a locked entrance, it’s probably the exit for a nearby hidden cave.

To make sure you explore every nook and cranny, open up the mini-map in each stage by pressing down on the D-pad.

Base game secret level unlock locations

Creepy Crypt unlock location

Creepy Crypt

Unlock location: Creeper Woods

One of the reasons Minecraft Dungeons isn’t as short as it lets on: Creepy Crypt is as big (if not bigger) than the Creeper Woods level it stems from.

The most common way people have found Creepy Crypt is by hugging the left side of the map. Provided you explore every nook and cranny, you should eventually come across a moss-covered wall with a Redstone-type beam by the door.

Press the switch right by it to complete the circuit and you’ll open the cave. Fight through a few mobs in there and you’ll see a map on a pedestal. With that, Creepy Crypt is unlocked on the world map.

Soggy Cave

Unlock location: Soggy Swamp

While you can select almost any level you want right after completing the tutorial mission, the Soggy Swamp is a popular first pick. Survive the poison potions tossed your way and you’ll have a chance to unlock its secret level — the Soggy Cave.

It’s a short but treacherous map with a few tricky Redstone circuit puzzles, but outwit its halls and you’ll escape with some powerful new loot from the final chest. It’s not a bad one to repeat if you’re really after a specific weapon from its available loot.

Arch Haven

Unlock location: Pumpkin Pastures

This is one that’s easily missed. In fact, I accidentally found myself by the unlock location and still managed to skirt it on my first playthrough. After that, I didn’t see it again until around my fifth run.

Arch Haven is unlocked not by finding a cave, but a pirate ship. There are a few bigger ships on this level, but you’re looking for a smaller one in solitude somewhere off the beaten path. Crawl inside the wooden vessel and you’ll find the map.

It’s locked behind a door and defended by a bunch of villagers, but what isn’t in this game? Fend them off, collect the map, and you’ll see the Arch Haven map pop up on the stage select screen.

Underhalls unlock location
Image used with permission by copyright holder


Unlock location: Highblock Halls

A late unlock in anyone’s first playthrough, the Underhalls is unlocked through a little puzzle found in the Highblock Halls.

It usually turns up early in the level and stands out thanks to the two colorful shields adoring the suspicious space. Interact with one and the door will open up, revealing a hidden room with the Underhalls map tucked away within.

That’s all the secret levels that have been discovered as of the first week of launch. At this rate, patterns suggest every level available through normal has a secret level ready to be unlocked.

There are at least four levels with hidden stages not accounted for, so keep checking back here for any new developments.

Cow Level

Unlock location: Base camp

That’s right, even Base Camp, your level select hub, has a secret level. The unlock process for this one is far more involved than other levels, and it’s barely even a level at all — more of a callback to a legendary secret level in the ’90s video game Diablo that inspired Minecraft Dungeons.

To unlock this one, you need to first complete the game on any difficulty. After that, a church becomes available in Base Camp. Head in and you’ll unlock the ability to collect runes from the main game levels. Find the runes in these levels and you’ll eventually unlock the Cow Level.

Jungle Awakens DLC secret level unlock locations

Jungle Awakens DLC secret mission locations
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Panda Plateau

Unlock location: Dingy Jungle

Added in through the Jungle Awakens DLC, the Panda Plateau is the game’s newest secret level. To find it, you’ll have to search the Dingy Jungle high and low — perhaps over several playthroughs. The difficulty doesn’t matter; just search the level for a glowing entrance in a small alcove/grotto and head in.

Once inside the small area, you need to look out for three interactable switches. These are usually close to walls or statues. Activate them and the scroll to the Panda Plateau will appear on a pedestal. Pick it up and you’ll have unlocked the Panda Plateau.

Free DLC secret level unlock locations

Lower Temple

Unlock location: Desert Temple

Like the Panda Plateau in the Dingy Jungle, unlocking Lower Temple requires a good search through the Desert Temple. In this one, you’ll be looking out for another glowing entrance somewhere on the map. The generally clean layout of this map versus the Dingy Jungle should help it to stand out, but you’ll still likely have to go off the beaten path to find it.

Once you do, it’s simply a matter of activating three light beacons in the secret area. Doing so will drop a bridge for you to cross, with the Lower Temple scroll being just ahead of that.

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