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All weapons in Palworld and how to unlock them

We all know that Palworld is so much more than just “Pokemon with guns.” Even ignoring all the crafting, breeding, and survival aspects, there are way more than just regular guns to unlock and make. You have melee options, spears, bows, handguns, explosives, and more at your disposal. If you want to keep up with the difficulty curve and hunt down the higher-level Pals, and especially the Legendaries, then you need the strongest weapons in your arsenal. Here are all the weapons currently in Palworld and how you can unlock and craft them.

How to unlock and craft every weapon

Weapons in Palworld unlock as you level up, but you don’t just get them automatically. You will still need to gather all the resources and craft them yourself. Here are all the weapons you unlock in order as you level up, plus the recipe to make them.

Weapon  name
Level required Crafting recipe
Hand Held Torch 1 2 Wood, 2 Stone
Stone Axe 1 5 Wood, 5 Stone
Club 1 5 Wood
Old Bow 3 30 Wood, 5 Stone, 15 Fibre
Stone Spear 4 18 Wood, 6 Stone
Fire Bow 5 40 Wood, 8 Stone, 20 Fibre, 2 Flame Organ
Bat  7 30 Wood, 30 Stone
Poison Bow 8 40 Wood, 8 Stone, 20 Fibre, 2 Venom
Triple Shot Bow 10 50 Wood, 12 Stone, 30 Fibre
Metal Axe 11 15 Stone, 20 Wood, 5 Ingots
Metal Spear 13 27 Wood, 12 Stone, 10 Ingots
Crossbow 13 50 Wood, 40 Stone,10 Ingot, 5 Nail
Fire Crossbow 15 50 Wood, 50 Stone, 15 Ingot, 5 Nail, 5 Flame Organ
Poison Crossbow 17 50 Wood, 50 Stone, 15 Ingot, 5 Nail, 5 Venom
Musket 21 25 Iron Ingot, 5 Oil, 30 Wood
Handmade Handgun 25 35 Iron Ingot, 10 Oil, 30 Fiber
Handgun 29 50 Iron Ingot, 15 Oil
Frag Grenade 31 10 Fibre, 10 Stone, 1 Gunpowder
Refined Axe 34 30 Stone, 40 Wood, 10 Refined Ingot
Refined Spear 34 36 Wood, 18 Stone, 10 Refined Ingot
Bolt Action Rifle 36 20 Refined Ingot, 5 Polymer
Double Barrel Shotgun 39 30 Refined Ingot, 7 Polymer
Pump Action Shotgun 42 30 Refined Ingot, 20 Polymer, 40 Carbon Fiber
Assault Rifle 45 40 Refined Ingot, 10 Polymer, 30 Carbon Fiber
Rocket Launcher 49 75 Pal Metal Ingot, 30 Polymer, 50 Carbon Fiber

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All Legendary Schematics in Palworld and where to find them
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Despite featuring all the various types of Pals in Palworld so heavily, they are not actually the most effective way to fight. Sure, they will help you out, and a Legendary can certainly pull its weight in a battle, but you will mostly be relying on your own character to do the work. This is what makes crafting new weapons and armor so important. Most of these you can access simply by leveling up and getting the required materials to make them, but the best of the best can only be made after finding their schematics. If you want only the top-tier gear in Palworld, then you will be hunting for the Legendary Schematics. These will give you access to a range of otherwise unobtainable weapons and armor that can make you all but invincible. Here is how you can get these blueprints for yourself in Palworld.
All Legendary Schematics

There are only nine Legendary Schematics in Palworld, with six dedicated to weapons and the remaining three for armor. Each one is a drop from a specific Alpha Pal in the open world. Note that you are not guaranteed a Legendary Schematic drop. These are rare, probably below 10%, so you will almost certainly have to repeat these battles to get the schematics. Here is a list of your targets and where to find them.
Crossbow Legendary Schematic
The crossbow upgrade boosts your attack to 490 and can be picked up by defeating the level 23 Bushi. It is located at coordinates 1116, 491.
Handgun Legendary Schematic
The Legendary handgun completely transforms the nearly useless base model by upping its attack to 625. Get it by defeating the level 29 Beakon at coordinates 345, -253.
Assault Rifle Legendary Schematic
Who doesn't love the Assault Rifle? Make it deal 560 damage after taking down a level 49 Blazmut waiting at coordinates 434, 532.
Old Bow Legendary Schematic
If you want a bow that smacks enemies with 247 damage arrows, you need to grind out Kingpaca at coordinates 50, -460.
Pump-Action Shotgun Legendary Schematic
If you're a fan of CQC, the shotgun schematic will buff your damage to 385. Suzaku will hold it and is a level 45 Pal found at coordinates 404, 255.
Rocket Launcher Legendary Schematic
Look, sometimes you just need a problem-solver. A Rocket Launcher dealing 14,000 damage can't be argued with in that regard. You'll have to take on the level 50 Jetragon at coordinates 788, 320.
Cloth Armor Legendary Schematic
Not quite on the level as the following two, this schematic is great for the mid game with 112 HP, 24 Defense, and 250 Durability. You only need to beat a level 11 Chillete at coordinates 175, -420.
Pal Metal Helmet Legendary Schematic
This shiny new helmet offers 560 HP, 1,200 Durability, and 240 Defense. Grab it early to make getting the rest of the schematics easier, but you will have to overcome level 50 Frostallion at coordinates -355, 55.
Heat and Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor Legendary Schematic
Both the Legendary Heat and Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor drop from the same target. Both have equal stats and give 1,200 HP, 11,000 Durability, and 400 Defense. And, of course, they resist hot and cold weather respectively. You will need to take down the level 50 Paladius up north at coordinates 445, 680.

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