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How to breed Pals in Palworld

Your Pals may look a little too close to Pokemon in some instances in Palworld, but they do have some important mechanical differences. Yes, they all have elemental types that give them advantages over other Pals, just like a pocket monster, but your Pals can’t and won’t evolve just by battling and earning XP. Instead, the only way to get new and improved Pals outside of catching higher-level ones in the wild is through breeding. However, Pals aren’t all that keen on producing offspring without you setting up the right conditions first. If you don’t know what will get your Pals in the mood, it may be impossible to guess. Let’s talk birds and bees with a full breakdown of how breeding works in Palworld.

How to breed Pals

A crafting menu in Palworld.

Pals aren’t just going to breed without privacy, requiring you to build a special Breeding Farm. This will unlock once you hit level 19 and shows up in the Technology section of your menu. It costs 100 Wood, 50 Fiber, and 20 Stones to construct. Build it up and place it in your base. But wait, Pals are a bit more romantic than that. Sure, the farm is great, but you need something more to sweeten the deal — a cake. Cakes require 5 Flour, 8 Red berries, 7 Milk, 8 Eggs, and 2 Honey to create, and you will need plenty of cakes, so make sure to gather as much as you can.

Now, you can select the two Pals you want to breed, one male and one female, and place them in the farm. Present them with the cake by placing it in the Breeding Box and step away to set the mood. A progress bar fills up over time after the message “Love is blossoming,” indicating the process has begun. Once full, check back in on the happy couple to find a brand new egg. Toss it in an incubator to speed up the process (but also pay attention to any unique conditions the egg might have to hatch), and once it hatches, you will have a brand new, more powerful Pal. If you keep the Breeding Box stocked with cake, you can constantly have a pair of Pals working on making a new egg for you.

Benefits of breeding

Two pals in a breeding farm in Palworld.

Since there are no evolutions in Palworld, breeding is the only way to combine the traits of two Pals and pass them on to their descendants. This includes some of each parent’s base stats, passive abilities, and skills. These are random, so you can’t pick the best traits of both parents, unfortunately.

In some cases, you can even create Rare of Fusion Pals. These will be stronger than normal Pals you hatch. Rare Pals appear random, but a few Fusion Pals have been discovered, though there are almost certainly more. With over 100 Pals in the game, it will take time to find them all. The two most common Fusion Pals you can make are:

  • Jormuntide Ignis – breed a Jormuntide and Blazehowl
  • Relaxaurus Lux – breed a Relacarus and Sparkit

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