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The First Descendant Twitch drops: how to redeem and all rewards

The First Descendant twitch rewards.

Publishers want to get as many eyes on its games as possible for launch, which is where the power of Twitch drops comes into play. The First Descendant is releasing on July 2, and by watching specific streamers playing the game, you can unlock some exclusive rewards. To our knowledge, these will only be available through these Twitch drops, so you only have a limited time to collect them all. You are probably eager to get into the game and start playing it yourself, but let’s quickly go over how to redeem these rewards and what they are.

How to redeem Twitch drops

Starting at midnight PT on July 2 and running through midnight on July 29, watching any Twitch stream under the category of The First Descendant will start counting toward your watch time for the rewards.

Before you start watching any streams, though, make sure you link your Twitch account to your The First Descendant account on this page.

Once you have watched for long enough to earn a reward, it will appear in your Twitch inventory. Simply open it up, claim it, and it will be sent to your The First Descendant account to use.

Note that you do not need to watch a Twitch stream in one sitting to earn any or all of the rewards. Each minute counts and adds up, so feel free to space it out between July 2 and July 29.

All The First Descendant drop rewards

There are five The First Descendant prizes up for grabs via Twitch drops. Each one requires you to watch for a set amount of time, but all can be done in a single day if you choose.

  • Watch for 15 minutes — Pizza chest attachment
  • Watch for 30 minutes — 15,000 gold and 1,500 Kuiper shards
  • Watch for 60 minutes — Gloomy emote
  • Watch for 90 minutes — Twitch color pains
  • Watch for 120 minutes — X-Ray back attachment
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