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Is The First Descendant cross-platform?

Key art for The First Descendant.

The best part of the looter-shooter genre is teaming up with your squad to roll through missions over and over, grinding for that legendary drop. The First Descendant is the latest game to enter this space, only it takes a third-person perspective to let you get a better look at your character and the gear you’re wearing. The big selling point to this game, aside from the graphics, are the tough boss fights. Yes, you can play this game alone, but it is designed for teams of four to work together to overcome these challenges. Partnering up means connecting with others online, but will this game block you from playing with a friend on a different platform? Let’s review all the cross-platform details about The First Descendant before you drop in.

Does The First Descendant have cross-platform support?

When The First Descendant launches on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, it will indeed have crossplay. It was confirmed the game would have it upon release, but even those who played in the beta were able to test out crossplay between all systems.

The other big question is if The First Descendant will allow for cross-progression. Being a free game, the ability to carry progress from one console to the next, or to PC, would be ideal. Thankfully, that feature is also confirmed. All progress can be moved between any available system as much as you like to continue the fight wherever and whenever you please.

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Is Path of Exile 2 cross-platform?
A character blasting fire in Path of Exile 2.

After Diablo 3 fumbled the bag, we needed a new ARPG to fill the void Diablo 2 left in our souls. Path of Exile answered that call and then some. It didn't just give fans what Blizzard failed to deliver but kept on supporting and adding to the game for close to a decade. Path of Exile 2 wasn't even supposed to be a sequel at first, but when the scope became so large that it couldn't fit as an expansion, it was spun off into a full release.

Path of Exile 2 hasn't forgotten what made the first game so much fun, and a large part of that was adventuring and fighting with friends online. The new addition of couch co-op is awesome, but what about players who need to team up online? The first game slowly rolled out to all platforms, but the sequel is hitting both consoles and PC at once, so you need to be up to date on if it has cross-platform support.
Does Path of Exile 2 have cross-platform support?
Fear not, Exiles, because Path of Exile 2 will feature complete crossplay support. No matter if you are on PlayStation with a friend on Xbox and another on PC, or any other combination, you will all be able to dive into the demented world of Path of Exile 2 together to grind levels and loot to your heart's desire. It goes without saying, but obviously you can only play local co-op on the same platform since it requires both players to be on the same system.

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Is Zenless Zone Zero cross-platform?
The cast of Zenless Zone Zero poses.

The latest free-to-play RPG from HoYoverse is upon us, but has a vastly different look than Genshin Impact or Honkai: Star Rail. Zenless Zone Zero embraces a more cyberpunk style but is just as action-packed and full of flashy new character designs. Each game has explored multiplayer in new ways, with this latest game allowing players more direct interaction than ever with a complete co-op mode. However, being on PlayStation, mobile, and PC, you never know how cross-platform support will work on such different systems. There's no reason to not give this game a shot, but do you need to worry about which platform you start on if you want to play with friends or carry over your progress? Here's the answer.
Does Zenless Zone Zero have cross-platform support?
Yes, Zenless Zone Zero has full cross-platform support. Crossplay will apply to all players on PlayStation, iOS, Android, and PC so you never have to worry about which system you or your friends are on.

Being available on so many platforms, it is also a seamless process to transfer your progress via cross-progression. After you make your account on one platform, you can easily log in on another to continue your fight wherever you are. That's all as expected for a HoYoverse title, but it's nice to know it is confirmed for Zenless Zone Zero as well.

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All cross-platform games (PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC)
Two squads of heroes clash in an Overwatch 2 trailer.

Cross-platform support is becoming more important in the world of video games. Multiplayer hits like Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 and Fortnite have pushed crossplay into the limelight, and now most AAA multiplayer games release with at least partial cross-platform support. Finding every cross-platform game is no easy feat, though, so we did the hard work to bring you a comprehensive list of games that support crossplay.

Unfortunately, there aren't any rules when it comes to crossplay, so each game handles the feature a little differently. To make matters more confusing, certain backward-compatible games on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X still support crossplay on the most recent hardware, even if there isn't an official release for that hardware.

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