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Minecraft Dungeons’ first DLC pack, Jungle Awakens, is now available

The first DLC pack from Minecraft Dungeons is now available, and it features a plethora of new items, armor, and enemies.

Minecraft Dungeons, released in May, is an action-adventure spinoff of the popular sandbox building and crafting game Minecraft, with an emphasis on action and fighting. Up to four players can battle it out against enemies and explore levels packed with treasures to help level up characters.

Jungle Awakens takes place in — you guessed it — a jungle. It has three new missions and some new game mechanics, as well as never-before-seen items and challenges. There are things meant to be intentionally cute, like pandas, and new evil creatures meant to provide a challenge like the Jungle Abomination.

The trailer shows lush blocky jungle areas with plant-like enemies spewing dangerous purple spells, and dungeon paths built over lava featuring fast-moving action from the game’s heroes.

The story involves an item called The Orb of Dominance, which is “one of the most powerful and wicked artifacts the Overworld has ever seen,” according to the game’s DLC announcement. The artifact has been destroyed, but shards of it have made their way into the jungle and corrupted both the area and its inhabitants.

Developer Mojang raised the soft power cap in the game from 108 to 112, which will make it a little more difficult, and the new levels are sprawling in their size.

The new DLC is the first of two planned, but Mojang also made some updates to the base game as well. There’s a new map called the Lower Temple, new gear, balance changes to some items, and a new threat per level difficulty. Two unique versions of new gear, called the Battlestaff and Dual Crossbows, have also been added.

Jungle Awakens is available as a standalone purchase or by getting a Hero Pass, which will pre-purchase the second DLC pack. The new DLC illustrates Mojang’s commitment to the new franchise, and it recently released a soundtrack for the game, which is available on Apple Music and Spotify.

The game is available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One. The base game is $20, and the Hero Edition costs $30. The DLC by itself costs $6.

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